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Apple has released a set of “Mobility Trends Reports” – a wealth of anonymized and aggregated data that describes how people have moved around the world during the three months from January 13 to April 13.

The data measure walking, driving and the use of public transport. And as you can imagine and as the image above this story shows, the human movement has dropped markedly with the entry into force of national prohibitions against coronaviruses.

Apple has Explain the data source as follows:

Apple justified liberation saying he thinks it will help governments understand what its citizens are doing in these viral times. The company also said it was a limited supply – it would not share this type of analysis once the crisis has passed.

But the data is also a snapshot of what Apple can do. And probably also what Google, Microsoft, Waze, Mapquest and other space service providers can do too. Let’s not even imagine what Facebook could do. ®

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