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Hackers working on behalf of the Vietnamese government have attempted to break into Chinese organizations leading the country's coronavirus response, according to Infosec FireEye.

APT32, a hacking group previously linked to the Vietnamese government, has attempted to access the personal and business e-mail addresses of personnel from the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management and the Wuhan government, which are believed to have caused the pandemic. started according to a report released yesterday by FireEye.

Between January and April, APT32 sent the Chinese authorities phishing emails containing a tracking link claiming to direct the reader to a report on offers of office equipment. Once clicked, the link would report to hackers, indicating that the happy user of the trigger was vulnerable to malware.

FireEye said the attacks reflect other attempts by state-supported hackers to collect information about the virus.

“The COVID-19 crisis poses an intense existential concern to governments, and the current air of mistrust amplifies the uncertainties, encouraging the collection of intelligence on a scale which rivals armed conflicts,” concluded the FireEye team in its report.

“National, state or provincial and local governments, as well as non-governmental organizations and international organizations, are targeted, as the reports show … Until the end of this crisis, we anticipate that related cyber espionage will continue to intensify globally. “

Vietnam reacted quickly to the appearance of the new coronavirus earlier this year. It closed its borders with China and implemented an aggressive contract search and quarantine program for citizens. Today the nation claims and only 268 in total. It is therefore not clear why he should examine Chinese anti-virus software.

Tensions between Vietnam and China are high, as the former country protested this week against the latter's extension of its domestic administration units to cover the disputed islands in the South China Sea. ®

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