Twitter to roll out tweet scheduling functionality for more users

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If you're a regular Twitter user, being able to schedule tweets rather than posting them at the same time can be very handy, and there are a variety of third-party plug-ins to help you. It now appears that Twitter could distribute its own planner more widely.

As The Next Web reports, some users have already started to see a scheduling option appear on the interface: you can choose a specific date and time for your message, as well as see all the tweets you have currently scheduled.

This is something that Twitter started testing last year, although the functionality has never been widely deployed beyond a small test group. The new feature is similar to the experience we saw in November.

Now, it looks like more people are getting the option – although for the time being at least, it looks like the feature is only available if you're using Twitter on the desktop via a web browser.

Evolving Twitter

We haven't heard anything from Twitter itself yet, so it's possible that it's just an extension of the original test: it may disappear as quickly as it happened, or it may suddenly be available to everyone. at a time.

In addition to being able to schedule tweets via various social media management tools, the functionality is also available in TweetDeck – the experienced user web client which is owned and managed by Twitter itself.

This suggests that it will not take too much software engineering expertise to switch the planner to the main Twitter clients. Twitter has also been busy experimenting with new ways to display discussions in recent days.

Being able to schedule tweets is undoubtedly useful – although it can also cause a lot of embarrassment on social networks, if it inadvertently becomes inappropriate or seems to ignore what everyone is talking about on the network (Twitter moves quickly, after all ). There is still no sign of an edit button.


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