This week’s tablet deals see prices drop on a range of Surface and Galaxy devices

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Memorial Day is fast approaching, but already this week we are seeing tablet deals from Best Buy and Microsoft on a range of Surface and Galaxy tabbed devices.

At Best Buy, you can buy a 128.5-inch 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S6 for just $ 549.99 (instead of $ 649) – a savings of $ 100 on one of the hottest rivals in the world. ‘iPad Pro right now. With a 128 GB SSD, octa-core processor and a superb 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, these tablet deals are great value for money and you also get a free S-Pen included to get started. This makes them great options for a wide range of productivity applications, creative and casual, and for much less than a similar iPad Pro.

Microsoft is also offering great tablet deals right now, including this essential Microsoft Surface Go 2 bundle for just $ 539.97 (instead of $ 668.97). The base Surface tablet includes a 10.5-inch screen, 4 GB of RAM, a 64 GB eMMC reader, plus a Type Cover and a Microsoft 365 subscription included. Not only is this a decent savings over the normal retail price, but it also gives you some practical extras to help you with productivity and give you that 2-in-1 laptop flexibility.

Its big brother, the Surface Pro 7, is also available at the moment with grouped type coverage for only $ 699.99 (instead of $ 909.98) from Microsoft. With this great premium tablet, you are upgrading your specs to a 12.3-inch screen, 128 GB SSD, and Intel Core i3 processor – much faster all around, but some people may prefer the smaller form factor. of Surface Go.

Not in the United States? Find below all of the best tablet deals in your area.

This week's best tablet deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 | $ 649.99 $ 549.99 at Best Buy
Save $ 100
on a premium Samsung tablet this week at Best Buy. With a 128 GB SSD, octa-core processor and a superb 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, these superb Android devices will give any Apple iPad Pro a run for its money. A handy S-Pen is also included, which further enhances these 2019 tablets.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Bundle | $ 668.97 $ 539.97 at Microsoft
Save $ 129
on a 10.5-inch Surface Go with 4 GB of RAM, a 64 GB eMMC reader, plus a Type Cover subscription and a Microsoft 365 subscription this week from Microsoft. It's a great little set for productivity on the go, allowing you to use your Surface Go as a casual tablet or light laptop.
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Cover Type for Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ | $ 909.98 $ 699.99 at Microsoft
If you prefer something a little bigger and more powerful, then there is a big savings of $ 209 on the Surface Pro 7 with type coverage provided by Microsoft. You increase the specs here with a 12.3-inch display, 128 GB SSD and Intel Core i3 processor – perfect for more serious productivity tasks.
See the offer

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