This company wants to kill VPNs forever

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To make it easier for people working at home during the pandemic to access their work computers, Citrix recently announced that it will make its remote access tool more widely available through the cloud.

According to Gabe Carrejo's senior program manager, Remote PC Access offers users a more efficient alternative to VPNs to allow employees to access their offices remotely.

Many organizations have turned to VPN services to provide employees with remote access while working from home at the start of the coronavirus epidemic. However, IT teams faced network bandwidth issues as more users than originally planned all tried to access the same VPN at the same time.

Citrix believes that its independent computer architecture (ICA) is a more efficient protocol for providing users with remote access to their work computers than VPNs, which is why the company decided to facilitate the use of its tool. remote PC access.

Remote PC access

In a press release announcing the expansion of its remote PC access offerings, Paul Carley, senior product marketing manager for Citrix's Desktop and Applications group, explained how the move to remote work has led organizations to adopt the cloud, declaring:

“As employees settle into the new homeworking standard, it is more important than ever to provide access to a set of consistent and familiar tools that keep them engaged and productive while maintaining information security. the business. The move to remote work has accelerated the move to the cloud. And we meet our customers there with solutions that allow them to create secure digital workspaces that meet their needs of today and tomorrow. “

To use Citrix Remote PC Access, an IT administrator must first install a small client on employees' remote systems. The customer gives access to a range of networking services that the company makes available in addition to its remote ICA protocol in order to create an SSL tunnel that Citrix markets as HDX (High-Definition Experience) technology.

Businesses are now considering upgrading to a virtual office infrastructure (VDI) platform deployed in a local data center or in the cloud. Although large organizations are trying to get away from VPNs, they still offer consumers and small businesses additional security and anonymity online.

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