The United Nations allegedly tore up Tencent’s invitation to its 75th anniversary

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The United Nations has reportedly dissolved an agreement that saw its 75th anniversary celebrations conducted using video chat technology from Chinese web giant Tencent.

The news of the alliance appeared on March 31, when the two ad that Tencent's VooV video chat service, WeChat Work service and AI-based translation tools would all be used to facilitate meetings during the United Nations ” 75th anniversary celebrations.

It was something of a coup for Tencent because VooV wasn't launched worldwide until the end of March 2020, but the UN was ready to use it as it rushed to move celebrations online. The agreement therefore reinforced Tencent's message that the tool demonstrates its generosity, its capacity and its ingenuity.

But the deal quickly raised concerns because the content of WeChat has mysteriously disappeared if it isn't the kind of thing the Chinese government admires or approves. Which is not the kind of undermining freedom of expression and human expression that the UN is supposed to endorse in any way.

Now Foreign Policy magazine has reported that the partnership has been terminated.

Louis Charbonneau, director of Human Rights Watch at the UN, gave credence to this report by labeling it's a “beautiful scoop”.

The register asked the UN and Tencent to confirm the report. ®

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