The Samsung Galaxy S20 arrives at Verizon – and its 5G speeds are even faster

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 finally arrives at Verizon, and although it is launched more than two months after the smartphone's debut on other American operators, it has a new advantage: 5G faster than the S20 on other networks – potentially.

Starting Thursday, May 21, you will be able to purchase the “Galaxy S20 5G UWB”, as it is officially called. “UWB” stands for Ultra Wideband, which is Verizon's name for how it connects to 5G fast millimeter wave spectrum.

The difference between 5G speeds on Verizon and T-Mobile is glaring. In our tests, 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) phones have reached peak download speeds of 1.9 Gbps in New York. Major warning: the range is limited to certain city blocks among the 34 American cities equipped with Verizon UWB. You must also be outside.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, meanwhile, uses the sub-6, the other form of 5G. We got slower speeds of 400 Mbps, but at a greater range – it works even indoors. It's not as nice as the headlines, but it's reliable from a distance.

Verizon Galaxy S20 5G UWB price and colors

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UWB will not see an increase via Verizon. It will cost $ 999 or $ 41.66 per month for 24 months, depending on the carrier. There is no increase in price or dimensions, despite the inclusion of the mmWave radio.

It also has the same specifications we saw two months ago: a 6.2-inch screen, a display refresh rate of 120 Hz, 128 GB of internal storage (with a microSD card slot) and a 64MP telephoto lens with the 30x novel “ Space Zoom ” from Samsung.

Verizon will sell the Galaxy S20 5G UWB in three colors: cloud pink, cosmic gray and cloud white Verizon exclusive. This is basically to drop the Cloud Blue color for white. Verizon is already selling the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra, which were equipped with mmWave from the start.


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