The price of the Sony 8K TV is tempting, but can it take Samsung?

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[Update: We now have official pricing from Sony UK on the Sony ZH8 – the 75-inch model will cost £5,999 while the 85-inch comes in at £8,999.]

The Sony Z8H is slated to become the company's flagship 8K TV for 2020 – inevitably, given that it is the only Sony 8K TV to be released this year. The confirmation of its price, however, raises the delicate question of how the Z8H can compete with the multiple 8K sets already marketed by other TV brands; namely, Samsung and LG.

The Sony Z8H comes in a 75 inches and 85 inches, costing $ 7,000 / £ 5,999 for the former and $ 10,000 / £ 8,999 for the latter.

Considering that last year's Sony Z9G model started at $ 13,000 / £ 14,000, it's a massive savings – about half the price – making it all the more incredible that other TV brands are under it. -evaluate again.

This is because Samsung and LG have both advanced with multiple 8K TVs for their 2020 ranges, both offering three separate models to choose from.

While this variety may make choosing an 8K package more difficult, it allows the two TV manufacturers to offer a price range, which makes Sony's unique 8K model positively uncompetitive in comparison.

This year's new Samsung TVs include the flagship Q950TS QLED, the slightly less sophisticated Q900TS and Q800TS, all with 8K resolution. The cheapest Q800TS model also starts at just $ 3,499 / £ 3,999 (around AU $ 5,300), which is a fraction of the cost the Sony Z8H will cost.

Unlike Sony, Samsung also offers its three 8K sets in sizes of 65 inches, which inevitably reduces the cost and makes an 8K purchase more feasible for countless other homes.

LG, on the other hand, has the advantage of being the only major TV brand to offer an 8K OLED – the LG Signature ZX – which will be the go-to for those who have the money to spend, starting $ 24,999 (approximately $ 30,100 / AU $ 51,000) for an 88-inch model.

LG's 8K LCD screens, however, are comparable in price with Sony, with the LG Nano99 selling for £ 5,499 (about $ 6,800 / AU $ 11,300) for a 75-inch screen, and an additional 65-inch model expected in June to further reduce this cost. .

8K resolution still has an image problem, with many considering it (perhaps enough) as useless technology for today's viewers. While we expect good things when we look at the Z8H ourselves, LG and Samsung are both doing more to standardize the market and provide more convenient buying options.

LG offers the only 8K OLED, but good luck

LG offers the only 8K OLED, but good luck (Image credit: LG)

Lost in a sea of ​​8K

The question of what 8K TV to get is still an issue that won't affect many people in 2020, given the relatively small size of the market. With Samsung and LG pushing hard on the price, variety, and size of models available – not to mention last year's amazing 55-inch small QLED 8K from Samsung – Sony's unique offering may well be left out. in the cold.

It would be a shame, since the Sony Z9G – the company's first 8K package – was surprisingly impressive, with scalability, crisp HDR and capable viewing angles to make it an extremely sensitive 8K purchase. Unless Sony finds a unique selling point for its own brand of 8K, this year may well see it fall behind the machinations of the competition.


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