The best prices, offers and PS4 Pro packs in June 2020

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The PS4 Pro bundles are a hot product this week, especially in the United States where we are all waiting for stocks to replenish, although you can still buy a standalone for $ 399. However, we are monitoring the lists daily and will be the first to notify you of new PS4 Pro offers that will arise. If you are visiting from the UK we have better news for you as there are several good PS4 Pro packs including a pre-order on the brand new Last of Us II bundle on Amazon for £ 349.

The launch of the PS5 is getting closer and closer, it's actually the perfect time to get yourself a cheap PS4 Pro, because the prices remain quite low even in case of stock problems. In addition to the huge range of titles in the PS4 library, you will probably have access to a whole new range of PlayStation exclusives very soon – and for a low price.

So keep this page bookmarked to stay informed of the latest PS4 Pro packs. If you're looking for more information on the PS4 Pro, take a look at our practical questions and answers under the offers. We also keep an eye on the future PS5 pre-orders if you are looking for new generation offers. Looking to buy in Australia? You will want to take a look at our AU page.

If you prefer a standard PS4, see our PS4 bundle pages (USA) or PS4 offers (UK). Don't forget to top up your subscription with one of our reduced PlayStation Plus offers.

The best PS4 Pro deals today

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro …

1TB PlayStation 4 Pro console …

1TB PlayStation 4 Pro console

What is the usual price of the PS4 Pro?

The price of the PS4 Pro is $ 399 MSRP in the United States and £ 349 in the United Kingdom. This means that if you spot a deal above these price levels, it probably won't be worth your money, unless it's good, a few big goodies included.

PS4 Pro Bundles (United States)

In the United States, PS4 Pro bundles are currently in short supply, almost all of the large retailers are currently out of stock. However, over the years we have developed an eye for cheap PS4 Pro prices and there are still a few PS4 Pro deals to make if you know where to look.

PS4 Pro Bundles (UK)

PS4 Pro 1TB | The Last of Us, Part II | £ 349.99 at Amazon
Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the next pack of large versions, including the highly anticipated The last of us 2. This one is not for kids, because Ellie is back to take revenge this time, and it's sure to be bloody. The real highlight of this pack should be the custom engraved tattoo design on the PS4 and its included controller, which sets it apart from the average PS4 Pro pack.
See the offer

PS4 Pro 1TB | Death Stranding Package | £ 349 at Currys
Released for criticism in 2019, Death Stranding is definitely a surreal action experience you won't want to miss. Currys has just restocked this excellent PS4 Pro offering this week, so it's a great time to buy one now. This PS4 pack is also available from Very for the same price.
See the offer

PS4 Pro 1TB | God of War Pack | £ 349 at Currys
Another fantastic PS4 Pro pack from Currys, and your chance to grab a fan favorite and an instant classic. God of War is a good choice for those of you who love real hack and slash, a beautiful world to explore and the occasional family drama cast for good measure.
See the offer

PS4 Pro 1TB | GTAV + The Last of Us | £ 349 at AO
This GTA V + The Last of Us pack at AO is a great option if you haven't dived into the catalog of the best PS4 games yet. These two games are old but goodies and real classics in our eyes, which makes them the perfect hit for the PS4 buck bundle.
See the offer

PS4 Pro 1TB | Spider-Man + Lego Movie 2 | £ 349 at AO
Get the most out of this 4K console with the visually stunning Spider-Man from Marvel. By itself, it's a bit old, so AO has softened the deal by launching a free copy of Lego Movie 2. If you're looking for an epic slingshot, you'll want to check out that AO savings.
See the offer

Need a cheap additional controller? Take a look at the best DualShock 4 offers. We also have a guide to the best PlayStation VR offers as well.

Cheap PS4 Game Deals

Are you looking for something to combine your new PS4 Pro offer? We have collected all the best prices on the latest and best PS4 exclusives here.

DualShock 4 rear button mount price

If you were looking to add additional functionality to your PS4 controller, this Sony DualShock 4 rear button accessory offers just that. The small device slides into the back of your controller and offers two additional mappable buttons to play with. Although it is brand new on the market, it has so far been incredibly popular, so you may need to keep an eye on the return of stocks, especially in the United States. The best prices will be shown here as soon as this device arrives on the shelves again, so be sure to check soon if there isn't one currently.

Cheap PlayStation Plus Deals

If you're buying a PS4 Pro, you'll probably need a cheap PlayStation Plus offer as well. PlayStation Plus (aka PS Plus or PS +) lets you play PS4 games online, as well as access the Instant Game Collection, a bunch of free games for your PS4 every month. The default price for a year is now £ 49.99. We went around for you and found a price range. So check out our guide to you want the best PlayStation Plus offers.

What is PS4 Pro?

Essentially, the PS4 Pro is an upgrade from the PS4, rather than a new generation console. The key takeaways from PS4 Pro are 4K and HDR. The new machine will allow game developers to include 4K options in their games, so expect Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Uncharted 4, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn and more. even more are even more beautiful. a 4K TV.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is the other buzzword to be excited because the PS4 Pro will allow you to see additional details on a range of games and also a wider range of colors which are not usually displayed by televisions Traditional HD.

Will my old PS4 games work on PS4 Pro?

Absolutely. If you plan to upgrade to a PS4 Pro from an older PS4, all of your games will still work. Not all titles will be corrected to take advantage of the new 4K / HDR capabilities, but the default scaling (if you have a 4K TV) will most likely see some improvement in visuals and the improved power of the console may give the frame rate. a boost on some titles.

What else can I watch in 4K / HDR on PS4 Pro?

PS4 Pro is compatible with 4K and HDR, and content options for both are constantly increasing on services like YouTube and Netflix. Amazon Prime Video has not yet been updated for 4K content on a PS4 Pro, so you'll need to check out the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K deals if you want to take advantage of 4K Prime.

Does PS4 Pro support 4K Blu-ray?

No. It was a surprise if we're honest, especially since the Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles do. It's a bit of a gamble for Sony, but at the same time, 4K Blu-rays are very expensive at the moment and many consumers are turning to digital services to provide their 4K movies and TV content instead.

Do I need a 4K TV to run a PS4 Pro?

No, the PS4 Pro will still run on a regular 1080p TV, you won't get the benefits of scaling or HDR. You may see a slim amount of additional detail or an increase in frame rate, but we don't expect a leap forward.

If you're thinking of buying a 4K TV soon, then it's probably a good idea to splash on the PS4 Pro instead of the regular or new PS4 Slim, as it will protect you from the future for a while. Be sure to look for a TV that also supports HDR, in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of the PS4 Pro.

Will PlayStation VR be better on PS4 Pro?

Yes, but only a little. The refresh rate of PlayStation VR is better on PS4 Pro and the resolution is also a bit bumpy. PlayStation VR will certainly also work on older PS4s, you don't need a PS4 Pro to get involved.

Does PS4 Pro support optical audio?

Yes! The optical audio output has however been removed from the PS4 Slim, which is a shame. PS4 Pro owners will still be able to use optical connections for their sound bars and audio systems.

What are the best games on PS4 Pro?

We went through our catalog of PS4 games that have received a PS4 Pro update patch to see which ones are the most beautiful and have a noticeable difference. Take a look at our full functionality – The best PS4 Pro games.


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