The best iPad games of 2020


The iPhone has revolutionized gaming with multitouch, but the iPad has provided greater canvas and power for completely immersive and expansive experiences.

Apple's tablet remains a powerful and engaging gaming device whether you immerse yourself in innovative touchscreen games or use a controller for a console-style experience.

Whatever you prefer, the best games can be found in our lists. Come back every two weeks for our latest favorite.

IPad game of the week: Neonimo ($ 2.99 / £ 2.99 / AU $ 4.49)

(Image credit: Chris Williams)

Neonimo is a real-time strategy game between two players – humans, or you and your iPad – that allows you to build a path to your opponent's base using Tetris coins.

It may sound easy, but of course things are not that simple. There are all kinds of strategic decisions about how to use your progressive replenishment resources, where to place special coins, and whether your opponent will hit you with the iPad for canceling their incredible journey within seconds of victory.

These are intense and fast things – the games are over in a matter of minutes – but whether you participate in a standard head-to-head or try your luck against the AI ​​in dungeon mode, where you get new equipment after each victory, this is a superb and unique rotation on the RTS genre.


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