So you’ve set up MFA and solved the elven conundrum, but some still think that passwords alone are secure enough.

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According to a survey by the French company Thales, around a third of companies and organizations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa believe that the humble password is a sufficient security measure.

In addition, two-thirds of the 400 IT professionals surveyed said “their organizations plan to expand the use of usernames and passwords in the future”.

The results contrast with yesterday's survey, which showed that the majority of people (unlike businesses) don't really care about good password hygiene and happily reuse the same wherever they go digitally.

Thales, which bought the biz Gemalto secure mobile phone SIM card in 2017, estimated that more than half (57%) of IT professionals surveyed said unsecured infrastructure was the most likely area of ​​attack. With this in mind, password protection for this type of infrastructure makes more sense than just leaving it open to any curious or malicious body.

François Lasnier, veep of access management solutions at Thales, said: “Often, in an effort to adapt to the new working habits of users connecting from anywhere, which is more and more relevant in this moment and will become the norm in the future, companies tend to go back to the old password-based connections for cloud services in desperation. This knowingly increases their security exposure to credentials and phishing attacks. “

Thales, which, among other things, sells access management software, estimated that its 400 respondents said that the amount of staff training on security and access management, increased access management expenses and access management becoming a priority of the board of directors “have all seen increased attention”.

Last year, the French company Thales eliminated the biz nCipher hardware security module following its acquisition of Gemalto, a sale demanded by competition regulators.

Password security is a permanent bug for security people. NordVPN discovered in a survey earlier this year that tens of thousands of people around the world were using Fort Knox style gems such as “pakistan”, “onedirection” and “superman”. ®

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