Renting an AMD EPYC supercomputer is now quite affordable

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cloud computing democratized access to a multitude of useful services, such as storage room, VPN and Web hosting – all of which have become extremely popular and just as inexpensive.

This goal has been achieved by opening up almost unlimited computing, storage and network resources to almost anyone with a credit card in their name. And yes, the principle even extends to supercomputers – well almost.

To take Microsoft Azure for example; with Google and Amazon, it is one of the biggest hyperscaler / cloud giants in the world.

Going through the mind-boggling amount of options, we found a so-called virtual machine instance (HBv2) that offers 120 processor cores from AMD's EPYC 7002 series with 4 GB of RAM per core and 900 GB of temporary storage. .

Now, alone, 120 processor cores have not even challenged a supercomputer since the start of the millennium. But since it only costs $ 3.60 per hour (a price per heart of $ 0.03), there's nothing stopping you from buying 100 of these instances – which could allow you to forecast the weather or perform fluid dynamics analyzes, if you're so inclined.

The combination of 12,000 processor cores provides quite a punch and since the Spot can reduce the price of the instance by almost 80%, we could say that we are almost dealing with a pocket change.

Have you found a better offer?

Have you managed to get a cheaper product with equivalent specifications? Let us know and we'll hold our hat for you.

HBv2 series virtual machines provide up to 350 GB / s of memory bandwidth, which is up to 50% faster than Intel's x86 and 3 times faster than data center services. most HPC customers. HBv2 series virtual machines also have Mellanox InfiniBand HDR 200 Gbit / s.

Note: EPYC instances are only available in certain regions and there is currently a supply and demand problem which could mean that the product is not available.


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