Redesigned Apple Watch leather straps may soon arrive

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A new set of Apple Watch leather straps has appeared and they look like a significant overhaul, with a handful of colorful options and a magnetic closure effect only.

While the previous Apple leather buckle had an eponymous buckle, this new leather option doesn't – it seems to secure itself by simply wrapping one side over the other. Vietnamese technology site Tinhte managed to get hold of the alleged leather bracelet in several colors, and even showed it in a video:

This is the new version of the Apple leather buckle, and the version displayed was for the larger 44mm The Apple Watch 5 model shown on video and photos, but it would be strange if it were not also released in the smaller 42mm format.

While the previous design of the Apple leather buckle had a segmented appearance, this alleged new strip rounded them into cylinders – supposedly with magnetic cells inside. It is also more breathable than its predecessor, Tinhte noted, and is waterproof.

Will we have this new Apple Watch group before the Apple Watch 6?

The report did not reveal the release date of this leather strap, but since the opening date of the Apple WWDC 2020 program is only digital, on June 22, we could see it then.

Apple has already promoted its next Pride themed watch bands both in Sport style and in Nike hive style. Since these are made of fluorinated elastomer, a new set of leather straps could accompany them in more sober colors – but still bright.

Via MacRumors


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