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Rabobank's Australian outpost messed up its Android app, leaving an unknown number of users unable to access their bank accounts on mobile devices.

Customers brought The registerWarning to bunch of dismal reviews for the bank's application, many of them complaining of having generated the error “Unable to connect … please check your Internet connection”. This error is clearly incorrect because users' Android devices are indeed online with all other applications!

The register asked Rabobank what was going on and we were told, “A recent problem was caused by an expired security certificate in the bank's mobile banking application. This only affected Android users, causing the “connection error” message when clients tried to connect to their application. “

“This security certificate issue has since been fixed, with a new application update released that has resolved the issue for the majority of affected customers,” we were told.

However, the patch did not work for all users.

“The bank is helping customers who are still affected provide a workaround (that is, uninstalling, reinstalling and re-registering the application), while we continue to work on the system fix required to resolve the problem.”

To complicate matters, customers should talk to the Rabobank contact center to resolve the issue. However, this “has recently seen a higher volume of calls … based on current market conditions, which is not unexpected given the circumstances”.

What looks like “Your call is important, but we are currently under attack by a certain virus.”

What will be a cold comfort for those who wish to understand the state of their bank accounts in times of massive economic uncertainty.

The bank has at least implemented a way for users to avoid the queue: a missive sent to [email protected] will generate an incoming phone call to sort the application. “The bank apologizes for the inconvenience caused to our online savings customers as a result of this problem,” we were told. ®

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