PUBG Mobile Mysterious Jungle mode to be released on June 1

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Since the Covid-19 lockdown, PUBG Mobile has kept players busy, bringing several new competition modes. Now, the game company has announced that the next major update will arrive on June 1 as a new Mysterious Jungle mode for all players.

The company has been teasing the next major update for a while now and shared a tweet from its official grip that was as mysterious as the mode title. Obviously, the update would be based on the Sanhok map and players will be paired in teams of two who will seek clues for treasure in the game.

And while the treasure hunt is in progress, players should also follow enemies who also seek out and fight for treasure first. What seems to be a certainty is that since the new addition is based on the Sanhok map, the game would involve a lot of war in the jungle.

We recall that PUBG started teasing this new mode about two weeks ago. To be precise at the time of the release of the Royale Pass for season 13. Then it was titled Jungle Adventure mode with totems present to bless the players. There were also rumors that surveillance balloons would appear in the game.

The mode would feature the normal classic match but could also have some additions to the battlefield such as jungle food and the aforementioned hot air balloons. Jungle food would provide mysterious effects to players who consume them while crossing the mysterious jungle. We have to wait and see what exactly these effects Tencent is talking about.

In recent times, PUBG mobile has added two additional modes, including Arctic mode for the Vikendi map where players prepare for the freezing cold to get Bluehole mode for the Erangel map. In the second mode, players should pay attention to the blue blue areas that are outside and inside the safety zones. There was also the Miramar map which was updated recently Mad Miramar.

Earlier this month, Tencent Games opened registrations for PUBG Mobile India Series 2020, which is considered one of the largest eSports tournaments in the country. There would be 256 teams competing for online qualifications in addition to direct invitations.


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