Offers on laptops for holidays: lots of sales available now

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If you were to wait for certain laptop deals for holidays to drop, there are plenty of choices this week, as sales start to go into service early. Whether you need a new workstation from a personal computer, a cheaper Chromebook for surfing the web, or a more powerful computer to run programs like Adobe or multimedia editing software, there is chances are you will find the perfect match in the last holiday sales.

These cheap laptop deals have prices starting at just £ 249 right now, with fantastic specs to be won as well. We also see popular models like the Acer Swift (now £ 429.99), the HP Pavilion (now £ 449) and the Asus Zenbook (now £ 749.99) on sale. For Apple fans, we even found a £ 200 savings on the 2019 MacBook Pro, which will also work for anyone looking for a more luxurious laptop.

These inexpensive laptop deals offer fantastic savings even before holiday sales end of the week. If you're looking for more discounts, check out all the retailers who are already reducing prices below.

Not in the UK? We found more offers for cheap laptops further down the page.

The latest laptop deals for holidays

Asus E406MA 14 inch laptop | £ 349 £ 299 at Currys
Inexpensive laptop deals like this one rarely come with a 14-inch screen. Upgrading from the standard 11-inch Chromebook screen will do wonders if you're looking for a laptop that you'll use every day. This particular model also offers 4 GB of RAM and excellent 128 GB of storage. Be sure to use the promotional code FREENEXTDAY because, you guessed it, free delivery the next day.
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HP 15 inch laptop | £ 479 £ 399 at Currys
If you're fighting against a £ 400 budget, this HP laptop offering from Currys can save you £ 80 and has competitive specifications to get you started. With an 8th generation i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a huge 1 TB hard drive, there's a lot going on under the hood. This means that you are sorted for cheaper work from a home machine. Use promo code FREENEXTDAY to have this laptop delivered tomorrow.
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Laptop Acer Swift 1 14 inch | £ 429.99 at John Lewis
If you want to trade in this slower hard drive for a fast SSD, this Acer Swift 1 brings 256 GB of storage at an excellent price of £ 429.99 from John Lewis. You also buy an Intel Pentium processor and 4 GB of RAM here. If you're on the sleek and portable Acer Swift shell – and this two-year warranty included – this is a great offer. However, for just £ 20 more, you can upgrade your processor and double your RAM with the HP Pavilion below.
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HP Pavilion 14-inch Notebook PC | £ 549 £ 449 at Currys
You can save £ 100 on an HP Pavilion at Currys this week, bringing the already cheap laptop back to an even better price this week. With the latest 10th generation i3 processor, there is up-to-date power under the hood, but also 8 GB of RAM to keep everything running smoothly and a 256 GB SSD. You can also save £ 20 on the Microsoft Office 365 family when you grab this laptop and everything comes with free next day delivery using the code FREENEXTDAY at the VPNOnlineFree.
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Asus ZenBook UX333 13 inch laptop | £ 899.99 £ 749.99 at Amazon
The Asus ZenBook brings a fantastic i7 processor to the latest holiday sales, a much more powerful brain than the other i3 and i5 on this list. However, this is only the 8th generation, so you are taking a slightly older model of this processor to cut costs. Not only that, but there is 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage in this 13-inch laptop.
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Dell Inspiron 13-7000 13.3 inch laptop | £ 929.99 £ 829.99 at Very
Longing for power and flexibility? This Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop has a fantastic 10th generation i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage. It's more than enough to see you go through heavier workloads with many heavy and multitasking programs. However, at the same time, all of this is housed in a beautiful slim chassis with a touch screen that can easily flip over to act more like a tablet. In addition, you save £ 100 at Very on the last holiday sales.
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Apple MacBook Pro (2019) 13 inch – 128 GB | £ 1,299 £ 1,099.99 at Very
This entry-level MacBook Pro is available for £ 200 less on Very this week. With an 8th generation i5 processor, 128 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM, you get the basic configuration here. However, if you are looking for one of those luxury laptops with this Apple appeal, you can save money right now on these high price tags.
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The best laptop deals today

Acer Swift 1 SF114-32-P2PK …

HP Pavilion x360 Notebook PC – 14t …

Open box – ASUS ZenBook 13 …

MacBook Pro 13 “with touchscreen …

We gather all the best deals and cheap laptop sales here on VPNOnlineFree, but if you're looking for something with a little more RGB, check out the best gaming laptop deals too.


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