Now is the perfect time to start selling your clutter on eBay

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Australia's largest online marketplace has a time-limited offer that will help individual sellers on its ecommerce platform to pocket extra money. And, to facilitate and secure the shipment of packages by sellers, eBay offers a contactless courier delivery service from your front door via its new partnership with the shipping company Sendle. In between, now is a great time to sell some of those extra bits and bobs that you got hooked on because you couldn't get to your local post office while the coronavirus was locked.

If you have items that you want to sell on eBay, the company usually charges a nominal fee for them to be listed on the site. Usually the online marketplace also charges sellers a certain percentage of the item's final sale price. However, between May 7 and August 5, 2020, eBay Australia lowers these fees for new sellers.

This offer is specifically available for sellers who have not already sold items on the site – to take advantage of it, simply select the “Take Up Offer” or “Get Offer” option under the Promotional Offers tab. on your My eBay account page. Any item – with a few exceptions like boats, cars and real estate – is eligible, as long as you auction them or as a fixed price offer and, if you have multiple items for sale, they will all have to be listed in the same category (electronics for example). Visit this eBay page for more information on the promotion.

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Hassle-free pickup and delivery with Sendle

As an alternative to Australia Post or expensive courier options, eBay now offers Sendle as an on-site direct shipping option, providing quick access to contactless door-to-door collection and delivery without contact extra charges – a more convenient and safer option than queuing at your local post office.

With direct eBay integration, shipping items with Sendle is easy; Once you have opened an account with the sender, you can print address labels directly from the eBay Sellers Hub. By choosing to send via Sendle, you can also book a free collection by mail at a convenient time, or you can drop the package off at one of the more than 600 collection points across the country.

Shipping costs are also affordable, with rates starting as low as AU $ 6 for deliveries within the same city, while domestic shipping rates start at just AU $ 7. In addition, Sendle includes default transit insurance, so your package is automatically covered up to the value of AU $ 300 at no additional cost. And since all Sendle packages are delivered by hand by courier, you can follow the delivery of your package from door to door, with the shipping information automatically downloaded to your Sendle account.

Sendle is also a carbon neutral company, offsetting its carbon footprint by investing in projects that reduce emissions. So you can send your items knowing you are doing your part for the environment, without having to queue or spend a lot of money on shipping.

Learn more about shipping with Sendle at eBay Seller Center.

If you're having a mess at home, now is a great time to clear up some space and earn extra pocket money at the same time. So go to eBay and start selling today!


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