Nikon offers free course with Game of Thrones photographer – sign up here

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Nikon School is hosting a free online photography class with live Games of Thrones official Helen Sloan – so if you're keen to find out how to get an equally refined job on the sets for HBO's next big hit, it's worth it VPNOnlineFree for a place.

The Nikon School, which has offered a range of free camera tutorials and one-on-one photography classes during global lockdown, will offer the “At Home With” course via Zoom on May 22 from 2 p.m. BST / 9 a.m. EDT / 11 p.m. AEST.

According to Nikon, the two-hour session will see Helen Sloan “talk about her long career in the photography industry and the priceless tips and tricks she picked up along the way.”

There will also be an interactive element, with “the ability to ask any questions you may have about their photography techniques, kit and style”.

Helen is definitely a good quiz person, given that she has worked on every episode of Game of Thrones. As a child, after learning her trade on a Nikon F3 film camera, she started her art degree to work on a variety of film projects, from science fiction to horror and fantasy, to finally land the Game of Thrones concert in 2008.

On the series, she shot 1000 images a day and apparently now has half a million photos from the show. It's not that Game of Thrones is her only big TV show – Helen also worked on season two of The Fall and The Frankenstein Chronicles with Sean Bean.

Game of Thrones Nikon

(Image credit: Helen Sloan / HBO)

How to VPNOnlineFree

While Nikon's “Home with: Helen Sloan” will be available to watch for free via Zoom, there are no unlimited spaces. In our experience, these free courses tend to fill up fairly quickly, so it's worth booking your spot.

To do this, head to the official course page, choose the number of participants and click on “add to basket”. There are no fees, just sign up for a free Nikon School account.

If you feel like learning additional skills while you're at it, the only other Nikon School course that isn't already complete is that of wildlife photographer George Turner.

Another conference “At Home With”, it promises tips and tricks on George's missions to Singapore and Mull, as well as “some stories and anecdotes related to otters along the way”. If that doesn't tempt you, nothing will. You can VPNOnlineFree for George's Nikon School session on its official page.

Nikon's free sessions and courses have crossed a golden era for home learning photography, with a wide variety of options such as Leica, Creative Live and universities like Harvard. To find out which ones are still going, check out our guide to the best free photography lessons, apps, and YouTube channels for learning how to lock.


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