New iPhone 12 release date, price, leaks and what to know

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The iPhone 12 is almost guaranteed to arrive in 2020, and some expect it to be a big change for Apple's flagship smartphone. After a limited update to the iPhone 11 series, the first flagship phone from Apple in a new decade seems to be the perfect opportunity for an upheaval.

Why should Apple change things with the iPhone 12? The iPhone 11 lineup focused on camera settings and putting a little more power inside, but these were modest improvements at best.

We have already seen Apple unveil the “iPhone budget” this year in the form of iPhone SE, but it is almost certain that the company will bring a new flagship series towards the end of the year. What will it include?

The good news is that we have already heard a lot of rumors about the iPhone 12. These include the possibility of an iPhone 5G model, new cameras, a new design and much more.

We have analyzed all the latest leaks and rumors regarding the new iPhone, and we have collected the most likely ones in our article below. If you go to page two, you will also find out what we want to see from the next iPhone.

All of this is based on more than a decade of rumored surveillance around the latest iPhone, so we've tried to give you a complete picture of what to expect from your next Apple handset.

Latest news from iPhone 12: Apple's WWDC conference is scheduled for June 22, and that's probably when we hear about iOS 14. This software should debut on the iPhone 12, and the June event could give us a glimpse new features to come.

iPhone 12: moving forward

  • What is that? Apple's new iPhone
  • When did it come out? Probably September 2020
  • How much will it cost? We expect over $ 700 / £ 700

IPhone 12 release date: will it be delayed?

As usual, no official information on the release date of the iPhone 12 is available at the moment. We are almost certain that the phone or phones will appear in 2020, as Apple launches its new phones almost metronomically.

First, the new iPhone release date will likely be September 2020 – and it's still around the second week of the month. It's almost always released on a Tuesday too, so we put our money on it on September 8, 2020.

There is always a chance that it will be postponed until September 15 as it is not always the second week of the month.

We predict that you can get it back 10 days after that, so you'll need a Friday off if you're desperate to get your hands on one. That said, there is a chance that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the production of the next iPhone will turn things around.

Other phones we plan to see in 2020:

We had heard that development would not be affected, and there are even reports now that the main manufacturing plants are fully staffed. In addition, an official at Foxconn (the main maker of the iPhone) said the company was aiming and hoping to make up for lost ground.

But elsewhere, there are reports that the phone will be delayed until October or November, with Apple apparently not even finalizing the design in late March 2020. Some sources even say it could slide until 2021, Reuters also said. ‘delay may be likely.

What will happen then? Nobody knows for the moment, but it is quite possible that the release date of the iPhone 12 is offset by model. That's what respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says, who says it would likely be the larger models of the phone that arrive after September.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

IPhone 11 Pro Max (Image credit: Future)

In April 2020, the latest news on the subject came from a Wall Street Journal report, which said that production of the iPhone 12 was delayed by about a month.

This does not necessarily mean that the release date of the range will also be delayed as the company can find a way to make up for lost time, but we think there is a good chance that this is the case.

IPhone 12 price

As for the price of the iPhone 12, it is likely to remain broadly in line with current models. For reference, the iPhone 11 starts at $ 699 / £ 729 / AU $ 1,199, the iPhone 11 Pro starts at $ 999 / £ 1,049 / AU $ 1,749 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $ 1,099 / £ 1,149 / AU $ 1,899.

This is also supported by rumors, with a leak suggesting that the iPhone 12 Pro will start at $ 999 (and therefore probably £ 1,049 / AU $ 1,749), while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will start at $ 1,099 (probably £ 1,149 / AU $ 1,899).

However, things are a little different at the bottom of the range, with the most direct successor to the iPhone 11 (the 6.1-inch iPhone 12) apparently starting at $ 749 – that's $ 50 more than the iPhone 11. But then there would also be a new 5.4-inch iPhone 12 model that will start at $ 649 – that's $ 50 less than the iPhone 11.

That said, a report suggests that the cost of materials for the iPhone 12 line may increase, which could lead to even higher retail prices.

Name iPhone 12

First of all: we are pretty confident that the Apple 2020 phones will be called the iPhone 12 series, do not the 11S or similar thanks to an industry analyst (with extensive experience) saying as such.

That's why we call it the iPhone 12, although Apple hasn't confirmed the name. Others might call it the iPhone 2020 or the “ new iPhone ” – but we don't think it will be Apple's nickname.

That said, Apple may surprise us with a whole new name, which may change in the future.

IPhone 12 design

The iPhone 12 could have an angular design, like the iPhone 5, according to a huge design leak, and if that were true, this new look could be very divisive. On the one hand, it looks a lot like iPad Pro models, so professional and elegant, but it is also very uncomfortable to hold it too.

According to analysts, one of the phones to come could lack a notch, the front camera could be integrated into the screen instead. If that happens, we expect it to be the more expensive iPhone 12 model that has this feature – probably the iPhone 12 Pro Max, or anything like that.

The first design leak suggests that the phone will have a notch, just a smaller one than before.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

IPhone 11 Pro Max (Image credit: Future)

Another leak suggests that Apple is developing new Face ID technology that will lead to a redesigned and potentially thinner notch. It seems that the company is trying several combinations, including those that minimize the forward-facing optics so much that they fit into the top bezel.

Indeed, a leak from Jon Prosser (a reputable jar) points to four models of iPhone 12, which all have smaller notches. In addition, the smallest of these models would apparently have a 5.4 inch screen, and that with a 6.1 inch model would have an aluminum body, while another 6.1 inch model and a 6, 7 inches (the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max) would use stainless steel.

A report has also suggested that Face ID will be entirely abandoned in favor of an on-screen fingerprint scanner, although this seems unlikely.

We could get more than just reducing or removing the notch, Kuo also saying he expects the metal frame to look more like the iPhone 4 frame, suggesting it won't be curved as on the current models. He also says that overall, the design is likely to be “significantly” different from current iPhone models.

Indeed, sources speaking to Bloomberg say the same thing, but make comparisons with the design of the iPad Pro, claiming that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have flat stainless steel edges, corners more clearly rounded and flat screens. They also indicate smaller notches on the four rumored models.

Again, another leak suggests that the designs will actually remain pretty much the same, apart from a few differences in camera layout and dimensions. Based on this leak, the 5.4 inch iPhone could be approximately 131 mm high, the 6.1 inch could be approximately 147 mm and the 6.7 inch model could be slightly larger than the ” iPhone 11 Pro Max 158 mm.

However, it would also be thinner, apparently 7.4mm thick, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 8.1mm thick.

In any case, the above Kuo leak confirmed several popular trends, such as the iPhone 12 Pro versions adding a time-of-flight sensor, the budget flagship adding a telephoto lens and series support for 5G as well as finally switching to USB-C.

It may not be just the on-screen camera, as Apple is also said to be equipping its next phones with an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 11 Pro

(Image credit: VPNOnlineFree)

It would be a big change for the brand, as the current models don't have a fingerprint scanner at all. That said, if the camera is really on the screen, it might not be possible to have all of the Face ID sensors, so it may be that this fingerprint scanner is replacing Face ID, although we are not convinced. that Apple would go that far.

When it comes to colors, we've heard a rumor that the iPhone 12 would drop forest green from its predecessor for navy blue – a slender hue more consistent with the colors of the dress, of course. But as the gap between the “ fun ” pastel colors of the standard iPhone 11 and the more classic hues of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, we may not see blue arriving at the cheaper model.

IPhone 12 screen

One or more models of iPhone 2020 could also have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, against 60 Hz on current models. This – which has been rumored by a reputable backer – could make interactions smoother. It's a statement we've now heard more than once, and some phones already have higher refresh rates than 60 Hz, like some iPads do, so it's not unbelievable.

Screen sizes could also change, with respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo saying the iPhone 12 Pro Max could have a 6.7-inch screen (versus 6.5 inches on the iPhone 11 Pro Max), and that the iPhone 12 Pro could have a 5.45-inch screen (compared to 5.8 inches on the iPhone 11 Pro).

He adds that the standard iPhone 12 will apparently stay at 6.1 inches, but will switch from the LCD screen to the OLED. It's an assertion we've heard more than once, and it would mean that the three 2020 iPhones would have an OLED screen.

Another source widely agreed, but said it expected a 5.4-inch screen on the iPhone 12 Pro. They also said that the two Pro models would use a form of OLED that is both thinner and cheaper to produce than the screens used in the iPhone 11 Pro range. It could mean lower prices, but we don't count on that.

iPhone 11 Pro

The side of the iPhone 11 Pro (Image credit: VPNOnlineFree)

Elsewhere, we've heard a similar selection of sizes, but that Apple could launch four new models in September. According to an analyst, Apple will launch a 6.7-inch, one 5.4-inch and two 6.1-inch phones.

They don't go into details, but it does suggest that there will be both a high-end and slightly lower model in a 6.1-inch size, if that statement is correct.

And it could well be, as it is claimed that we have heard again, this time from renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who adds that all four models will have OLED and 5G screens, but that one 6.1-inch models and the 5.4-inch model will have two rear cameras, while the other two models will have three.

Jon Prosser (another ram) agrees with all of this (other than the OLED bit, which is not mentioned in one way or another), but adds that the two high-end models will have a scanner LiDAR as well as three camera lenses.

We also heard that at least some iPhone 12 models could have thinner, cheaper, and more energy-efficient screens than the iPhone 11 lineup. In turn, this can allow the phones themselves to be more thin and last longer between charges.

IPhone 12 Specifications

Another big change could come in the form of 5G, which has been widely used for the iPhone 12. Kuo even says he thinks all three models will support 5G. We expect at least one of them to do so, as several sources have suggested and a number of other phones already support 5G.

This could well be supported by a custom 5G antenna, a 5nm Bionic A14 processor inside the iPhone 12 – what this means for the average consumer is an iPhone with an even longer and longer battery life than ever. It would be pretty impressive, given that the iPhone's battery life is currently the best we've ever seen from Apple.

RAM could also get a boost, analysts say the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have 6 GB, up from 4 GB over their predecessors – although the standard iPhone 12 apparently does at 4 GB. This is something we heard again, so it may be true.

The chipset also looks poised to amaze, as a benchmark A14 Bionic showed it had a single-core, multi-score score that was ahead of the Snapdragon 865, the processor you'll find in almost all of Android's flagship products in 2020.

And the iPhone 12 could also support the new 802.11ay specification, which could allow it to share content at speeds of at least 20-30 Gbps. So in every way, this phone is likely to be fast.

IPhone 12 camera

The iPhone 12 could also benefit from a camera upgrade, with a laser-powered 3D camera rumored to be included. It would be at the back, and while only one rumor mentions lasers, another also talks about a depth sensing snapper, while one mentions 3D sensing, so this may well be something we let's see in one form or another.

We also saw a leaked sketch showing four rear lenses on the iPhone 12 Pro. This sketch is believed to be from a version of iOS 14 and is supported by many sources.

IPhone 12 camera

(Image credit: conceptsiphone)

Three of the lenses resemble those of the iPhone 11 Pro, though they may be slightly larger, but the new fourth lens resembles the LiDAR scanner found on the iPad Pro 2020. This can accurately assess distances and therefore depth, so it's in line with the above rumors and would improve augmented reality and portrait mode.

Since then, we've heard of a LiDAR scanner included on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max (with three lenses), while the basic iPhone 12 would have two lenses and no LiDAR scanner. These allegations have been made by several sources.

Elsewhere, a source says the iPhone 12 could have a 64 MP main camera, compared to the 12 MP snapper on previous versions, which would be a huge upgrade. This leak also suggests that the phone will have multiple lenses that support night mode shooting, and the ultra-large snapper may have dedicated macro mode.

Another Fast Company report cites sources close to the production of the phone and indicates that these same features are under development. One of the sources of this rumor claims that the top two models would get it, as well as a triple-lens camera, while the bottom two would just get a dual-lens camera without 3D detection.

Elsewhere, we heard that the high-end iPhone 12 (probably the iPhone 12 Pro Max) will benefit from a new image stabilization technology called “ sensor-shift ”, which would allow the sensor to move in order to counter camera shake.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The camera on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Image credit: Future)

A recent EU decision could also mean that future iPhones will not be able to use Lightning cables in Europe. This could force Apple to switch the connector for future phones to USB-C, and although it's not yet clear if this will be the case for the iPhone 12, this may be something to consider.

Another report from the Chinese publication Caifa news also suggests that Apple and other manufacturers may soon be using GaN power adapters. These are currently used by Xiaomi and allow fast charging speeds of up to 65 watts.

There is no guarantee that it will debut on the iPhone 12 – or any future iPhone for that matter – but it may mean that we are seeing an improvement in the fast charging experience along the line.

Of course, the iPhone 12 will also use new software, namely iOS 14, and while we don't know much yet, a leak suggests that it may include a new application switching screen inspired by the iPadOS.

IPhone 12 software

The big Apple software developer conference is slated to start on June 22. It's called WWDC 2020 and should be the event where we'll hear about iOS 14 for the first time, which is set to debut on the new iPhone.

It is also likely to come on your existing handset, but the iPhone 12 will be at the origin and it is likely to come with some major upgrades compared to iOS 13.

That said, so far, there are few rumors circulating on iOS 14. There are rumors that a new fitness app will come on iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV that will allow you to watch fitness-related videos on your phone. .

There are rumors that iMessage would also benefit from upgrades with the ability to tag people – with an @ sign like you can on other messaging platforms like Slack – as well as a way to delete your messages after you have them. sent.

Should I wait for the iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 release date is still around six months away, if the September 2020 launch window remains constant, so you should probably consider the iPhone 11 series if you need a new iPhone in the coming days, weeks or even months.

If you need a new high-end Apple phone now, consider the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Here are the best prices in your area:

Want to know what we want to see from the iPhone 12? Go to the next page to find out.


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