Mandalorian season 2 could portray Star Wars actor Jango Fett as Boba Fett

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Rumors about season 2 of Mandalorian are multiplying, and although we have already heard of several cameos, the last takes the cake: Boba Fett will make an appearance, played by Jango Fett actor, Temuera Morrison.

Morrison will play the famous bounty hunter, according to The Hollywood Reporter, although he would play only a small role during season 2 of Mandalorian.

Morrison played Jango Fett in the second prequel to Star Wars, Attack of the Clones, where the bounty hunter was the base of the Republic's clone army before perishing at the end of the film. Significantly, Jango's son Boba Fett's clone also appeared in the film, probably explaining the easy resemblance to Morrison's portrayal in The Mandalorian.

But the big question could be how Boba Fett appears in the The Disney Plus show takes place five years after the return of the Jedi – which, if you remember, featured the apparent disappearance of Boba when he dove into the Sarlacc. So there are several ways to appear on the new show.

Theories and evidence

Since Disney reconnected the entire Expanded Universe to pave the way for the next trilogy, the fate of Boba Fett has remained a mystery. He did not appear and his survival has not been confirmed.

In other words, Fett could be dead and return in a flashback, perhaps after clashes with the titular Mandalorian or to shed light on the culture of the combatants. Or he could be alive and meet our protagonist. Heck, there are even fan theories that Fett has already appeared in the first season – either as one of the Mandalorians in the background of the underground underground warrior clan, or as the mysterious figure of Tatooine in the closing moments of season 1 episode “The Gunslinger “.

Another possibility also exists: Morrison has also voiced clone troopers in the third prequel, Revenge of the Sith, and the two Fetts in various Star Wars video games over the years. He could play a Fett clone, or a contender who adopted the name.

Either way, we'll know when Mandalorian Season 2 arrives later in 2020.


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