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It’s no surprise that VPN services have rapidly grown in popularity in 2020. For the average Joe at home, they provide a safer environment to stay online and entertained. And the growth of business VPN use has been just as rapid.

As well as giving remote workers more online security, the encrypted tunnels used by VPNs means that your sensitive business data is protected when being passed from employee to employee. In addition, the best services offer 24/7 live chat support, a dedicated IP address and server, associated apps, and auditing tools.

Sounds expensive, right? Well it doesn’t have to be, and even our pick as the world’s best business VPN – Perimeter 81 – has got some really affordable price plans. In fact, you can get it from as little as £8 per user per month.

That’s for the provider’s Essentials plan when you sign up for one year, but upgrading to the Premium plan isn’t a massive leap. An extra $4 a month per head adds more secured gateways, DNS filtering and prioritized support. Either way, your people will be covered whether they use Windows PCs or Macs, (even Linux is catered for) and they can all controlled by a single-click management console.

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