It’s certainly not the Apple Watch 6, but it’s a great fan-made concept

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There are enough leaks and rumors on Apple Watch 6 that we expect a new iPhone-compatible smartwatch in 2020. But, no, we haven't just seen it in a new video.

A smart, fan-made concept video titled “ Introducing the Apple Watch Series 6 ” is currently touring YouTube, and while this iPhone Concepts creation isn't the real Apple Watch 6, it's worth your 60 seconds. Calm your expectations later this year.

Conceptual video imagines the next Apple Watch as one that finally presents an edge-to-edge display without bezel and, apparently, without changing the dimensions of the watch, according to the description of the video. If only.

We explored Apple's video archives and noticed that a large part of the modified images were borrowed from the The Apple Watch 4 was unveiled in 2018. It makes sense, because it was the last time that Apple changed the size and bezel of its smart watch, so the company was displaying the display of fullness. This fan concept takes it to the maximum.

Don't back up Apple Watch 6 leaks

Here's the rub. Although the concepts created by the fans are all beautiful and good, they deceive many consumers into believing that they are the real deal. Most importantly, this is not what we expect from Apple Watch 6.

Most importantly, it's not what we expect from Apple Watch 6.

In fact, all rumors of the Apple Watch 6 to date suggest little design change. We may be looking for new sensors to keep an eye on your blood oxygen level and, in order to detect panic attacks, your overall mental health.

The Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5 can detect sudden falls and Afib, so it's realistic to expect society to complement its watch's unique mental health prowess.

Sleep tracking for Apple Watch 6 is planned, though we've pinned it on for functionality in the latest Apple Watch hardware updates, since we wrote about Apple's acquisition of Beddit there is three years old. It may be the year – for real this time.

Finally, there's the wackiest rumor in Watch 6 that Apple has been busy adding Touch ID, either to the digital crown button, or under the screen. There is a very external chance that the new iPhone SE 2020 will not be Apple's only mobile product with Touch ID this year.

Don't get me wrong, we'd love to see an Apple Watch 6 edge-to-edge display, but that hasn't been confirmed to date in the leaks.


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