Is a free torrent VPN enough?

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Free stuff always sounds good, but is it really good?

To be honest with you, we live in an age where nothing is for free and if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't.

There are a lot of recommendations for a free VPN for the torrent, but if you wait for my encouragement to use free VPNs, you won't get it, and you can read why below. At the end of this article, I will ask you to decide for yourself whether the PRICE you need to pay to get a free VPN for the torrent is worth it.

I said PRICE because even if we are not talking about monetary payments, other types of expenses can be paid.

Why do you need a torrent VPN

A VPN is by far the best method available for torrenting without compromising your online identity.

A VPN will encrypt and redirect your connection to the desired torrent site, making you invisible to third parties or ISPs. To choose the best torrent VPN, here is a comprehensive guide where you can read and learn about traffic encryption, masking your IP address, split tunneling, port forwarding and other checkpoints for ensure the best VPN for the torrent.

Why a free torrent VPN isn't enough

When you get a premium VPN, you are sure that there are specific factors such as connection reliability, server network and support that you can rely on. If you choose a free torrent VPN, you should expect to be deprived of certain features.

Bandwidth and speed limits

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the torrent with a free VPN.

Torrent downloading and P2P file sharing generally consume more bandwidth than normal browsing. that's why free VPN services usually limit your connection, so you can switch to their paid plans. This means that you will not download large files and that your use will be discontinued in a short period of time. Or they could limit your speed, so it will take “ages” to download the files you need.

Limited server network

Free VPNs generally offer very limited server options, unlike premium VPNs which strive to provide you with as many servers as possible. Torrenting is a tricky topic even among paid VPN services due to restrictions in many countries. Most VPN providers only allow P2P and torrent downloads on specific servers located in certain countries. The chances of finding a good free VPN in a country that allows P2P and torrent downloads are very small.

They sell your data

If you are not selling a product, you are probably the product.

More free VPNs will share or sell your data, or submit to some kind of questionable practices. You have to understand that, like any provider, these companies also have server costs or want to make money in one way or another.

When you have access to data from hundreds of millions of people like Hola or other VPNs, it can be difficult to overcome the temptation to try to “monetize” that data.

May contain malware

In 2015, a group of researchers discovered that the best-known and most-used free VPN service provider, Hola, allowed their users to be followed on the Internet. Otherwise, a bug that could be exploited to remotely run applications on the computers of Hola users was found in the service.

According to a CSIRO research paper, an agency of the Australian federal government, the Betternet Android app has 14 tracking libraries, the highest of any free VPN service they know of.

Another search of 283 Android apps, revealed the presence of third-party tracking services that implement abusive practices such as JavaScript injection, ad redirects and even TLS interception.

Dotted with advertisements

It may not sound too unusual, but the ads on free VPNs will slow page load times and you will no longer enjoy a smooth online experience. Not only are advertisements annoying and can slow down your Internet speeds, but they can also contain malware.

No advanced features

Advanced VPN features are not included in free VPN plans. This means that if your VPN connection is lost, your identity is exposed. This is why premium VPN services have included Features like Kill Switch to kill your private Internet and add an extra layer of security when the connection to the VPN service is lost.

Best alternatives to free VPN

If your mind is already set on free VPNs, there is still a better option to consider such as:

  • find an open-source VPN (Open VPN, SoftEther)
  • using the free VPN developed by Tsukuba University (Japan)
  • configure your free VPN. You may need to have technical skills or at least be highly motivated.
  • using free VPN versions of premium plans. You can check the list of free VPNs for torrenting ProPrivacy recommends, which also includes a list of free torrent VPNs that you should avoid at all costs.

The advantages of a premium VPN

The VPN market has exploded in the past two years and there are hundreds of VPN providers to choose from. Strong competition has forced premium VPN providers to cut their prices significantly for the benefit of users. Besides the low costs, you can have peace of mind from which you will benefit:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Faster speed
  • Highest encryption level
  • Customer service
  • Easy-to-use apps and tutorials
  • Advanced VPN features: Kill Switch, Socks5 proxies, port forwarding

Best cheap VPN alternatives for free torrent VPN

ibVPN – Complete VPN, intelligent DNS and proxy solution

  • Free trial: 24 hours
  • Easy to use interface with full P2P support
  • Port forwarding: Yes
  • Data logging: strict no-logging policy
  • Advanced VPN features: Kill Switch, Socks5 proxies

Get the free trial of ibVPN – No credit card required

CyberGhost VPN

  • Port forwarding: no
  • Data logging: strict no-logging policy
  • Advanced VPN features: Kill Switch

HideMe VPN

  • Port forwarding: Yes
  • Data logging: strict no-logging policy
  • Advanced VPN features: Kill Switch, Socks5 proxies


Reliable and free, they do not coexist at least in the VPN industry.

Reliability comes at a price and well, free is FREE. In the first case, expect quality customer service, advanced features, the ability to choose your server / region, etc. In the latter case, you'll have a ton of intrusive ads, limited servers, and not much to do except logging into limited locations with a single click.


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