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India has made the COVID-19 application for contact tracing mandatory in certain parts of the country.

Yesterday the country extended its national lockout for two weeks from today. But the extension is not total: the regions which have known no new case or none during the last 21 days will be designated “green zones”. But places with known cases or insufficient data will become “red” or “orange” zones subject to orders for stays at home and to significant restrictions on commercial activity.

And in the red or orange areas, depending on the news Order [PDF] from the Interior Ministry, “Local authorities must ensure 100% coverage of the Aarogya Setyu app among residents of containment areas.”

Aarogya Setyu is India's national contact finder app and has been pushed down by Prime Minister officials as not only a practical tool but one that is pretty much unpatriotic to ignore. The Indian IT minister even labeled it “foolproof”, which sounds like a challenge for black hats!

This new command may be impossible to apply because the application does not work on cell phones, which represent more than half of India's national telephone fleet. However, it is not difficult to see why India wants more facilities: it had around 80 million to date, which is not just more than six percent of the country's population and not one particularly useful sample in a country where megacities exceed ten million. resident brand.

Watch out for awkward moments next outing

Wanted: an exit strategy from open monitoring of smartphone contact tracking


Aarogya Setyu uses the now familiar Bluetooth beacon method to record user and user activities. privacy policy promises that the data collected will only be used for anonymous heat maps and to inform those who meet people suffering from COVID-19. But the privacy policy also includes a clause saying, “All personal information collected from you under clause 1 (a) at the time of registration will be kept as long as your account exists and for that period thereafter , as required by any law for currently in force. “

It is not a clause The register found in our investigation of similar applications. And now it's a clause that will bind an unknown number of users who will be forced to download the application. ®

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