HTC launched a free VR rival for Zoom and Teams

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Businesses around the world have turned to video conferencing software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams as a way to hold meetings during the coronavirus epidemic, but interacting with colleagues is somewhat difficult when behind a webcam.

This is why HTC has announced that the beta version of its remote collaboration and meeting platform for VR, VIVE Sync will be available for free to businesses and remote employees during the pandemic.

VIVE Sync, from developer owner 2 Bears Studio and HTC, supports up to 30 participants simultaneously and offers full body tracking so that avatars created personally by participants can communicate using their actual body language.

The platform also supports Tobii eye tracking, which is integrated into helmets such as the VIVE Pro Eye, for more natural interactions with colleagues or virtual clients.


Working with your business files in VR is also easy because Sync integrates with Microsoft OneDrive and OneDrive for business and supports many popular file formats, from PowerPoints to PDF to video.

However, one of the biggest advantages of VIVE Sync is the ability to work with 3D content in VR. Instead of looking at 3D models on a 2D screen like you would with other video conferencing services, Sync lets you import them into your virtual space and review them with your team. The software supports FBX and OBJ files, as well as Unity asset sets, making it easy to download, import, and review all of your 3D assets.

AVP of content development and production at HTC VIVE, David Sapienza explained how Vive Sync allows remote teams and employees to interact more naturally, saying:

Unlike any other tool or support, VR has the ability to connect and engage remote teams and employees as if they were together in the same physical room. Vive Sync allows colleagues and partners from around the world to interact in a shared virtual space, increasing team productivity, collaboration and chemistry. The future of work is rapidly becoming more global and more distant, and virtual reality is the necessary solution to succeed in this new reality. “

If you and your team have access to VR headsets and are tired of watching a screen all day, you can test VIVE Sync for yourself for free.


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