How to watch the NRL: broadcast all 2020 games live from anywhere


It was a tough start to the 2020 NRL season in Australia, after Covid-19 saw the games postponed indefinitely in March. Move forward a few grim months for sports fans, and the National Rugby League is back, with matches resuming on May 28. Even better, it’s easy to follow the 20 rounds of action from the regular season – and get excited about the series finals and finally the NRL Grand Final. Read on to learn how to watch the NRL live and stream every device online in 2020 – including for free – no matter where you are in the world.

NRL 2020 Checklist

The NRL season resumed on May 28 and excellent streaming coverage is available in Australia via Kayo Sports and its FREE trial periodas well as coverage of each match in the UK, Canada and the United States via the great value NRL Watch service.

As a quick introduction, the NRL is Australia’s premier rugby league competition and includes 15 teams from across the continent – and one from New Zealand. For hardcore fans of Australia, knowing how to watch the NRL online is more important than now, as the stadiums will be closed to the public for the foreseeable future. But even if you can’t attend in person, it’s a relief to have a full stop from the rugby league.

This year’s defending champions – or “prime ministers” – are the Sydney Roosters, and they will certainly put up a fierce defense of their crown. In 2019, they made history by becoming the first team to win two consecutive NRL titles since the creation of the Unified League, and this represented an 18th Premiership Rugby League trophy for the club in its together. Can they get a hat-trick this season?

One of the teams likely to get in their way is the local rivals, the Rabbitohs of South Sydney. This Roosters vs the Rabbitohs is the fiercest rivalry in all Australian rugby league football, dating back to the founding of the two clubs in 1908 as part of the now defunct New South Wales Rugby Leage, or NSWRL. Over the years, the Bunnies have won a total of 21 prime minister positions, which puts them ahead of the Roosters. But in LNR, it is the Tri-Colors which lead the way with four titles compared to the simple championship of Rabbitohs.

In 2019, the Rabbitohs had the upper hand over the Roosters in the regular season, but the Easts delivered their account in the qualifying final and beat their rivals by a dominant score of 30-6.

At the end of the regular season, the eight highest ranked teams advance to the NHL playoff style finals, reducing the top teams in the league to just two. They then take part in the grand finale of the NRL, which is one of the busiest sporting events in the world.

Read on to find out about the NRL and stream all Australian rugby league action games from anywhere.


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How to watch NRL: live streaming in Australia for free

The free-to-air television coverage of the NRL is limited to three games per week in Australia and may vary from state to state depending on what is broadcast on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays evenings on channel 9. However, those that are streamed can be streamed live using the companion service of the 9Now network – and they tend to be the biggest devices of the week, so that’s not a bad thing.

For those who want more comprehensive coverage (which we suspect are many people), we value the service over-the-top Kayo Sports as the best way to broadcast Down Under NRL live. It allows you to watch every NRL game throughout the regular season – and of course all the final series and the action of the grand finale. It is also inexpensive, offering the choice of a basic package of $ 25 per month or a premium offer of $ 35 per month. The only difference between the two is the number of screens you can stream simultaneously – two on Kayo basic and three on Kayo premium.

We probably don’t need to point that out, but if you have friends who are also in LNR (and we bet you do), these two offers break down very affordably on a per person basis. Better yet, Kayo Sports is without a contract and offers a 14-day offer FREE TRY so you can check it for yourself, without any conditions. It is available on almost all modern devices, including Android and iOS mobiles, Mac, PC, Chromecast, some smart TVs and Android TV, PC and Mac and Telstra TVs, with console support listed as “ to to come soon ”.

The other option for watching NRL in Australia is via Foxtel, a premium TV offering that offers full coverage of rugby leagues on Fox Sports but is considerably more expensive than Kayo – and requires you to sign up for a 12 month plan .

Match times vary but are usually in the evening local time in Australia.

How to watch the LNR live from abroad

Watching the NRL in Australia is easy, but what about in other countries of the world where the excellent Kayo Sports the service is not available?

There’s no need to miss a second of the action of the Australian rugby league, thanks to Watch NRL – a global subscription service which will give you access to each NRL match this season. Available whether you are in Boston, Birmingham or Bangkok, the official league streaming service can be obtained through weekly, monthly and annual offers – the latter of which represents the best value.

This is how the price of Watch NRL is evaluated in various places that love footy around the world – or rather, in various places where Australians who love footy are likely to want to watch the NRL 2020 season.

Note that it’s not available in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands – so let’s look at other NRL live streaming options around the world.


how to watch nrl live

How to watch the NRL in New Zealand: details of the live broadcast for the 2020 season

watch nrl live

nrl live stream 2020

How to watch the NRL: live broadcast of the Australian rugby league in the United States

Streaming the NRL: How to Watch in Canada

How to watch the NRL live from outside your country

Australians who subscribe to a service like Kayo but find themselves abroad for the next big fight in the NRL will probably find that this is a restriction on geographic blocking. In this case, the simplest and most reliable solution is to use a VPN service to change your IP address to a different location.

This will generally allow you to connect to your local coverage, just like you would from your home, and that means you don’t have to roam the vaguest corners of the internet for an illegal stream.


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