GitHub launches code spaces for coding in the browser

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GitHub recently hosted its GitHub Satellite virtual event where the Microsoft-owned company announced several new features for its developer platform, including Codespaces, which allows customers to write code from their browser.

GitHub Codespaces provides developers with a fully cloud-hosted development environment based on Microsoft's VS Code editor. It shares a number of similarities with the recently renamed Microsoft Visual Studio Code Online, which is now called Visual Studio Codespaces.

In one blog post, PLEASE product from GitHub, Shanku Hiyogi explained how code spaces will make it easier for developers to bring code to communities, saying:

“Contributing code to a community can be difficult. Each repository has its own way of setting up a development environment, which often requires dozens of steps before you can write code. Even worse, sometimes the environment of two projects you are working on is in conflict. Codespaces offers you a fully hosted development environment in the cloud that runs in seconds, directly in GitHub, so you can start contributing to a project immediately. ”

GitHub Codespaces is currently in beta and interested developers can VPNOnlineFree to access it now. The company has yet to reveal pricing details for the new feature, but according to Niyogi, it will have a pricing model similar to GitHub Actions, which charges for compute-intensive tasks such as builds.

GitHub discussions and code analysis

In addition to code spaces, GitHub also announced a new feature called GitHub Discussions which will add discussion forums to projects so that developers can discuss their work.

Problems and extraction requests previously allowed developers to discuss their code in a linear format, but discussions will allow unstructured threaded conversations. The new functionality can even be used for questions and answers and according to GitHub, they can also be used to maintain FAQs and other documents. Discussions are currently in beta for open source communities, but functionality will soon be available for other projects.

To improve security, GitHub also announced two new features called code analysis and secret analysis. Code analysis, which is free for open source projects, can check user code for potential security breaches and is powered by CodeQL. Secret scanning, which is available for private repositories, monitors private repositories for known secret formats and identifies developers if they find any.

Finally, GitHub announced the launch of private instances for its client companies. Private instances offer a number of benefits, including improved security, compliance, and policy functionality, as well as key encryption, backup archiving, and compliance with regional data sovereignty requirements.

Via TechCrunch


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