Ghost of Tsushima looks like a mix between a Kurosawa film and Assassin’s Creed

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After fearing that Ghost of Tsushima might be a carbon copy of last year's excellent and totally inimitable Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it is now clear that the next game of Sucker Punch is made up of two parts of the film Kurosawa and part of Assassin's Creed.

This is a glimpse we gleaned from the latest Sony State of Play showcase released on Thursday, May 14, where the publisher presented us with a full 20-minute gameplay trailer Ghost of Tsushima – our most popular dive important and deepest in the game since its announcement in Paris. Game week in 2017.

The trailer included new aspects of the game that we hadn't heard of before, such as a new monochrome filter that lets you imitate classic samurai movies and Japanese voice-over options that help the game feel more authentic compared to the source material – both of you can activate before the game even starts for a smooth experience.

The gameplay presented was divided into three main sections – exploration and two fighting styles – the last part of which had definitely Assassin’s Creed vibes. What the designers were aiming for in all three areas was to set the tone by implementing things like head-to-head duels for players who choose to play like outright samurai or smoke bombs for those who prefer a more stealthy style of play.

Check out the full State of Play gameplay trailer below:

Can Tsushima keep players informed until the arrival of PS5?

Today's gameplay trailer has cemented Ghost of Tsushima as the blockbuster summer title (or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere). It's one of the only big first-game games to come in the next three months before an avalanche of releases happen in September, October, and November – so it was pretty much a maneuver for the role – but today's deep dive is sure to stir up a little more hype.

The only disappointing aspect of today's State of Play event is that it didn't mention anything about the next PS5 – which comes as no surprise, as Sony made it clear last week that we wouldn't hear about the console in this video any more, but still disappointing for gamers eagerly awaiting console information .

Rumors suggest that Sony will have a revelation event sometime before the end of the month, but Sony itself has not confirmed that this is the case.

At least we have Ghost of Tsushima impatiently. With Ghost of Tsushima's pre-orders available now, you'll be stealthy and / or overwhelmed in no time.


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