Get amazing deals on Samsung smartphones – but be quick

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If your current phone is starting to feel a bit undernourished, you can trade it in for a state-of-the-art Samsung with stunning performance, an incredible screen, and all-day battery life – and if you buy it With Mobile Phones Direct, you can take advantage of some very interesting Samsung offers. But you will have to hurry, as the offers are strictly time limited.

The best phones in the world right now

The Samsung S20 is VPNOnlineFree's best phone in the world right now, and Mobile Phones Direct has great deals on the S20 and its big brother, the S20 +.

Both versions come with 12 GB of RAM for stunning performance and 128 GB of expandable storage, and their Infinity-O displays have fast refresh rates of 120 Hz and 240 Hz touch sensitivity for silky scrolling and responses ultra-fast to your touch.

Samsung Infinity-O displays use AMOLED technology for deep blacks and vivid colors, and they are some of the best screens you can get on any phone. They offer incredible visuals for movies, games and photos.

That means they can do justice to the incredible photos you take with the S20 and S20 + ‘s triple and quadruple lens cameras respectively. Phone cameras are not only perfect for photography, of course they are; they are also great for video and to make you look good in Zoom calls.

The future is here, and it's fast

If you like high end Samsung S20 + 5G, you can get it for just £ 52 a month with 30 GB of data and no upfront costs.

Not only that, but you can also claim a free Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, the smartwatch from this very site called “handsome” and “one of the best wearable clothes you can buy”.

The S20 + on 5G is an incredible thing. The 5G speeds are extraordinary – up to 240 Mbps in some regions – and the latency is also much lower, which is ideal for mobile players.

The combination of a super powerful smartphone like the S20 + and ultra-fast 5G will drop your socks.

The S20 + gets its 5G from Three UK, which says it is building “the UK's fastest 5G network … 100 MHz of finely tuned 5G, full-skinned, at maximum power”.

They are rolling it out quickly too, with service already available in and around 39 major cities from Aberdeen to Wigan.

A pocket rocket at a bargain price

(Image credit: Mobile Phones Direct)

If you prefer something a little more portable, MPD has the 128 GB S20 4G with an incredible 120 GB of monthly data for only £ 40 per month and £ 59.99 in advance.

The S20 has the same powerful processor, generous RAM and incredible performance as its big brother, but its beautiful silky AMOLED screen is more user-friendly at 6.2 inches compared to the 6.7 inches of the S20 +.

A good buy deal

If you are looking for a brilliant budget smartphone, we recommend another Samsung: the S10. It is extremely powerful with a superb curved AMOLED screen and an excellent camera, and it is an excellent versatile device.

Right now it's also available at a great price: the 128GB model is available for just £ 59.99, then £ 30 a month for 30GB of monthly data.

The smart place to get your Samsung smartphone

Mobile Phones Direct is not like other phone retailers. With more than 25 years of experience, he is the UK's leading online retailer of phones from Samsung, Apple and Sony, and has won numerous awards.

It has been Mobile's best online retailer for six consecutive years and Mobile News' online retailer of the year for four consecutive years, and every phone is a real UK stock.


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