Food delivery: what grocery and meal delivery services currently have slots?

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Update 05/11/20: Although UK lockout restrictions have been eased slightly, demand for food delivery and Click & Collect slots remains high. Availability varies from day to day and varies depending on the supermarket you choose, but in the past few weeks we have certainly seen a slight increase in free slots in May, Sainsbury's in particular showing high availability during the week last.

For the first time since the lockdown started, we were able to find a few home delivery slots at Waitrose, and Tesco continues to be a good option, although free slots tend to appear sporadically throughout the week.

Morrisons still has a limited number of available food delivery slots, but you can order one box of Morrisons essential food from £ 30 and there is also good availability. We've tried it, and it's a great option if you're not looking for specific brands and just want to stock up on basics. You can also order Morrisons products via Amazon Prime Now in parts of the UK. If you don't have a Prime membership, you can sign up for a Prime 30 day free trialand cancel before the end of the test without any conditions.

We still haven't had any luck with Ocado (which prioritizes existing and vulnerable customers) and Asda, however, with each retailer not showing free food delivery slots.

To help identify elderly and vulnerable customers, supermarkets use customer and government data to prioritize food delivery slots for those who need them most. Make sure you signed up for government database clinically vulnerable people if you need support.

Some meal delivery services still work and may prove to be a better alternative – see below. There are also many local community groups that organize food delivery for people who self-isolate via Facebook, WhatsApp and more, so keep an eye on what's going on in your area.

Online food delivery services have come under strain since the coronavirus shutdown. It has been difficult to book a grocery delivery, but as we progress through April, we are starting to see little signs of progress.

The main advice is always to visit a physical store if you can, so supermarkets can prioritize food delivery slots for elderly or vulnerable customers. However, if you need to order food online, many supermarkets have small food delivery areas throughout the day for elderly or vulnerable customers – so keep trying. You should be able to find a location eventually.

Grocery delivery

Recipe box and meal delivery

pizza delivery

Take-out delivery

Alcohol delivery

Grocery delivery

So when will more online grocery delivery slots open? We have VPNOnlineFreeed with all the major supermarkets and are assessing the situation daily across the country, in London, Leeds, Portsmouth, Manchester and Bath.

Your region may differ, but the situation changes daily, so it is important to keep checking. Currently, it looks like it will be mid-April before we start to see a lot more food delivery slots available. However, we will tell you which supermarkets offer food delivery slots here as soon as we see them.

Remember to use all food delivery services responsibly. Order only what you need to keep stocks for those who may need them.

Amazon Pantry food delivery: free delivery with four eligible items
Amazon Pantry is a Prime exclusive service, providing Prime members with essential items at low prices on a daily basis. (If you do not have Prime, you can sign up for a free trial and cancel before the end of the trial without any conditions.) There are currently out of stock some popular items such as pasta, but there there is a lot of food and household items that you can still get now. The minimum spend is £ 15 and Amazon Pantry delivers to the whole of the UK, as well as the Channel Islands. Order food from Amazon Pantry

Tesco food delivery: new slot machines available all day
Tesco has expanded its food delivery and click-and-collect capacity to approximately 780,000 delivery slots, and says it plans to add 100,000 more in the coming weeks. Minimum expenses are £ 40 (or £ 4 for less than £ 40). He currently prioritizes elderly and vulnerable clients, and there is a restriction of three items per client (two items for pain relievers and toilet paper). Find a delivery window at Tesco

Food delivery to Morrisons: Essential food boxes from £ 30
There are currently a limited number of food delivery slots in Morrisons, and when we checked there was a 10 minute wait to access the Morrisons website. But if you're stuck at home right now, you can order a box of essential Morrisons food, from £ 30, which will be delivered right to your door. Find a delivery niche at Morrisons

Food delivery to Iceland: new slot machines available all day
Iceland gives priority to clients who are over retirement age, who isolate themselves or who are vulnerable. When we checked out, there were no food delivery slots available, but the supermarket says it releases new food delivery slots throughout the day, so keep an eye on the site. In stores, Iceland has set aside the last hour of trade each day for NHS workers. Find a delivery niche in Iceland

Food delivery to Sainsbury: click and collect only the locations available at the moment
Sainsbury's prioritizes elderly and vulnerable customers for its new online food delivery niches. The supermarket is expanding its grocery delivery service from 370,000 locations two weeks ago to 600,000 locations. He says he'll get there by Easter “… and we will continue to add more capacity in the coming weeks,” said Sainsbury general manager Mike Coupe. Find a delivery slot at Sainsbury's

Waitrose Food Delivery: some slots released every day

Waitrose has increased its capacity by 10,000 delivery slots and also plans to add 5,000 fast delivery slots in the coming weeks. The supermarket has also launched a volunteer purchasing card for isolated customers who cannot go to the stores themselves. Find a Delivery Niche in Waitrose

Meal delivery

pizza delivery

Domino's: Get up to 50% off pizza + contactless delivery
Domino's defines its offers by region, but many stores in the United Kingdom offer up to half the price of their pizzas when you exceed a certain threshold. Just enter your delivery information to see how much you can save on pizza delivery this week. In addition, there is also contactless delivery, if you order and prepay online.
See the offer

Pizza Hut: 2 medium pizzas and a classic side for £ 20
You can grab two medium pizzas and a classic side for just £ 20 at Pizza Hut right now, or upgrade to a larger one for just £ 2. There are also many other Pizza Hut offers – just enter your zip code to see what your local restaurants have to offer. Pizza Hut also offers contactless delivery.

Alcohol delivery

Amazon UK: Browse all wines, beers and spirits
Amazon doesn't just deliver food, it also sells a wide range of alcoholic beverages: wine, beer, spirits, cider, sake, and more. What sets Amazon apart from other liquor delivery services is its Prime delivery, which means that normally you can get your hands on a bottle or keg in two quick steps.

The Drink Shop: 20% discount on selected wine, beer and liqueurs
Alcohol delivery service The Drink Shop is currently still open, and you can get a 20% discount on selected alcohol this month. Visit the online store now to discover its selection of lagers, ciders, wines, spirits, mixers and everything in between.
See the offer

Vinatis: Save up to 28% on certain bottles of wine
Wine retailer Vinatis is currently offering free wine delivery on all orders over £ 150, as well as discounts of up to 28% on certain bottles during its flash sale. The company now has a wide range of whites, reds, roses and sparkling wines, and also offers a £ 5 discount voucher if you subscribe to its newsletter.
See the offer

Beer Hawk: Free delivery on beer orders over £ 50
Beer Hawk Beer Delivery Service is one of your best bets right now if you're looking for a keg or want to restock craft beers. The retailer is currently donating £ 1 from each beer delivery order to support hotel workers affected by the bar and bar closings caused by the COVID-19 crisis – all the more reason to browse his excellent selection of beers.
See the offer


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