Block ISP tracking and protect your online privacy

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I bet you've heard at least one person around you talking about tracking ISPs at every stage. And now you're probably wondering, “Does my Internet provider know which websites I visit?” The short answer is YES, and unfortunately it's not the only thing they see about you. Here is what we will talk about here: why ISPs follow you and how you can easily stop them.

We have inherited a situation in which now the vast majority of our lives are unfolding and unfolding on the Internet.

Is this something new? Not at all, but this time we're talking about all of our good old offline habits here. It has a wide range and makes different shapes, scopes and sizes: office work, through games. Even the usual social interactions have recently been reconstructed in the form of e-interactions. Like staying in touch with family, friends and acquaintances.

Now, more than ever, online activities and a large part of our personal life are at stake. Thus, a small “digital footprint” plays a crucial role in the lives of many privacy-minded girls and men.

What is an ISP and what is ISP tracking?

ISP is an acronym that stands for Internet Service Provider. An Internet service provider is a business that provides Internet access to organizations and home users. ISPs are responsible for ensuring that you can access the Internet, route Internet traffic, resolve domain names, and maintain the network infrastructure that makes Internet access possible (

Since all of your Internet activities are done through your ISP, your Internet service provider has access to your “digital footprint” and knows everything you do online. It covers well that it is not limited to a bunch of data such as:

All this data organized with timestamps.

In summary, this is what ISP tracking looks like: ISPs Know Everything You Do Online, from your browsing history to any content you send (if it is not encrypted). And all of that, no matter if you use a computer or a mobile device. So if you are wondering if the wifi provider can see your history on the phone, the answer is yes. In addition, they can also see the applications you are using.

Thus, ISP tracking is the practice by which ISPs record information about your online connections and activities.

Why is your ISP following you?

The reasons for monitoring ISPs can cover a large area. Caring actions like

  • technical maintenance,

  • infrastructure development,

  • offer better services from a technical point of view,

  • or even prevent criminal actions.

On the other side. Here can enter:

  • bandwidth limitation,

  • service advertisements,

  • P2P activity blocking,

  • online censorship.

We have only scratched the surface here, but as we can see, this is a fairly complex issue going on. And can go in several directions. It's no surprise that net neutrality has had and still has a huge impact on the market. This is important because all data on the Internet must be treated in an ethical and fair manner by the main players. We are looking at ISPs, businesses and governments. The regulatory approach is often welcomed. But here you can create real monsters. By affecting not only the network bandwidth, but in extreme cases, even freedom of expression.

You are probably wondering if ISPs are checking your history. Well, don't imagine someone is sitting behind the ISP desks and literally watching your every move. All of your browsing history and all other data, including social media data, is carefully stored somewhere in ISP systems as it source of income. They are sold to advertisers.

To summarize: the ISP that tracks is not something that you, as an end user, are eager to research. The good news is that you have options to mitigate it.

What data can your ISP see about you?

As we mentioned earlier, all of your internet activity goes through your ISP, which allows them to easily see everything you do while you are connected to the internet and what you don't actively encrypt.

Your ISP sees your real IP address, your online activities, your online searches, internet traffic, your browsing habits, social network data, files / torrents that you download, even your geolocation when you use a mobile device. So basically they see everything about you as an Internet user.

How to prevent your ISP from monitoring your online activities?

The only way to prevent the ISP 100% from following your every move is to join an Amish community or build a small cabin in the middle of the woods, without electricity, and isolate yourself from any civilization.

Since only a few of us are ready to take such drastic measures, the second best option is to use a VPN service to encrypt all of your online traffic, thus hiding your online activity from the prying eyes of your ISP.

how does VPN work

Once you connect to a VPN server, all of your online traffic is encrypted so that no one really knows what you are doing, but you. Thus, a VPN service acts as an ISP blocker preventing your ISP from tracking everything you do online, providing you with the desired online privacy.

Use a VPN to stop tracking ISPs!

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How ibVPN helps you block ISP tracking

When you connect to one of ~ 150 ibVPN servers, ALL of your Internet traffic is encrypted and routed through the VPN server. In addition, your real IP address provided by the ISP is now HID and you get a new one on the server. You will use this new IP to access everything on the Internet. This IP address is also, in most cases, shared with other ibVPN users, so it cannot be traced back to you.

restore your privacy with ibVPN

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FAQs on monitoring ISPs and ibVPN:

  • I have nothing to hide, why should I care about ISP tracking?

    Maybe we shouldn't be answering one question with another, but it's getting harder and harder to keep your confidential information out of the online world. Would you really agree that various companies have access to your location, phone number, email address, etc. and use this precious data for their benefit? Online privacy is as important as offline privacy.

  • Does VPN prevent ISP tracking?

    YES! From the moment you connect a VPN, the provider will not be able to decrypt what you do on the Internet. New servers that you connect to while using a VPN will prevent the ISP from following you.

  • Can I use ibVPN to block ISP tracking on multiple devices?

    Absolutely! Our ultimate VPN plan allows you to have 5 devices connected at the same time. You can also configure ibVPN on most VPN compatible routers.

  • What else can I use a VPN for?

    In addition to keeping your online business safe from prying eyes of ISPs, hackers and other businesses or even government, a VPN will also provide you with online privacy and security when connecting to networks. not secure. In addition, accessing restricted websites is one of the benefits of using a VPN.

  • Is VPN legal?

    Yes it is. VPN service technology is a 100% legal solution, and its main objective is to offer online security and privacy. We have put together a full and useful explanation of this common question about the legality of VPNs.

  • I want to block ISP tracking, but does ibVPN also record my activity?

    NO. As stated in our privacy policy, at ibVPN, we do not collect or record any traffic or use of VPN, SmartDNS or proxy services. The privacy of our users is important to us, so ibVPN does not keep any logs of user activity.

  • Can ISPs See Incognito?

    Unfortunately yes! As stated on the start page of most private browser / private browser windows, they can. Private browsing mode is for hidden browsing and only prevents your questionable browsing habits from being recorded, indexed and suggested for automatic filling the next time you want to check the prices of MILK with your mom, saving you from having to give him a rather tedious explanation of what another similar word means (when you replace K milk with an F).

  • Can ISPs block VPN?

    In some countries of the world where Internet censorship is high, ISPs are trying to block some or all of the popular VPN protocols, but fortunately we also offer solutions for these situations.


Now that you've read all about what, and why your ISP is following you, you've got some key tips on how to stop tracking ISP's, let's conclude with some solid arguments about why you should choose ibVPN to keep your sensitive data and the pages you have visited far from the eyes of your ISP, which are always attentive and prevent them from following your every move.

  • IbVPN servers provide fast, safe and secure connections to a well-maintained virtual private network

  • Easy to use apps for Windows, OSX, iOS or Android

  • All your internet traffic data will be encrypted with cutting edge technology ensuring your ISP sees only Matrix style gibberish

  • Competent and friendly live chat and customer support via email / ticketing available 24/7 if you need it

  • 24 hour free trial available with access to all servers and features, so you can see for yourself if the service is right for you

  • Our 15-day money back guarantee gives you the security of a risk-free purchase

Protect your privacy – avoid tracking ISPs

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