Best keyboards 2020: the best typing companions

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There are many things that the best keyboards can do for you in addition to decorating your platform. It's not just the big players who play best pc games for hours that require a fast and reliable keyboard with all the bells and whistles. Even if what you do on your computer all day is just typing emails and documents for work, these keyboards can actually change your experience for the better – not to mention saving your wrists from a lifetime of pain .

The simple fact is that having a great keyboard can have a huge impact on your IT life. These keyboards offer the right bounce, the right trip and tactile feedback for a much more comfortable and less tiring experience. Best of all, they really deliver speed, responsiveness and precision. And, they also come with a set of features that normal keyboards don't have like the n-key rollover so that each key press is correctly detected no matter how many keys you press.

The comfort, speed, reliability, and convenience benefits you get with one of these devices easily justify the asking price, which isn't much considering what you get. Whether you need one of the best gaming keyboards or something that's great for multitasking and creative work, we have the best keyboards of 2020 for you here.

The best keyboards of 2020 at a glance:

  1. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo
  2. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard
  3. Topre Realforce 104UBS Silent variable
  4. Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless
  5. Logitech Craft
  6. PFU Happy Hacking Professional 2 (HHKB2)
  7. Modern Microsoft keyboard with fingerprint ID
  8. Leopold Fc660c
  9. Unicomp Classic 104
  10. Das Keyboard Prime 13
  11. Logitech K780

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

1. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

The keyboard of the future

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlight: Yes | Switches: Roccat Titan Switches

Beautiful design

Ideal for games and typing


It has become the norm for keyboard manufacturers to implement their own custom keyboard switches, and Roccat – with the Vulcan 120 Aimo – is no different. Although this keyboard is primarily marketed as a gaming keyboard, its Titan switches are tactile enough to be satisfactory, while bouncing quickly enough to be comfortable to type for long periods of time. And, we'd be sure to mention the looks – the Vulcan 120 Aimo looks like a science fiction keyboard, we love it.

Read the full review: Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

2. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlight: Yes | Switches: Corsair ultra-low profile scissors

The keys feel good

Robust and portable

Small trackpad

If you have a home theater PC, you might be frustrated by the lack of keyboards that explicitly use your use case. Fortunately, there is a keyboard for you – the Corsair K83 Wireless is a fantastic keyboard focused on entertainment. Not only is it light and portable, but it also offers a multitude of entertainment functions that will make your life in your living room easier. And, with its multitude of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless via a dongle, you can use it with many different platforms. However, it's not great for games, so keep that in mind.

Read the full review: Corsair K83 Wireless


3. Topre Realforce 104UBS Silent Variable

For a quieter Topre experience

Interface: Wired | Switches: Silent capacitive electrostatic topre (30, 45 and 50 grams)

Smooth striking action

Very calm

The strike may seem “sandy”


As long as you don't mind missing some of that “signature” sound associated with ordinary Realforce keyboards, opting for a quiet model like the 104 UBS offers solid benefits. Hitting 104 keys on the UBS produces a sound comparable to a membrane keyboard, so it's going to be great if you work in a busy office or shared room. The “dampened” feel of Topre's silent switches may seem a bit like typing on sandpaper compared to a non-silent board, but we found that it was worth the trade-off if you need a quieter keyboard.


4. Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless

Built like a tank and compact

Interface: Wired | Switches: Cherry MX (brown, blue, black, red)


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