Audible: the best discounts and promo codes currently available

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We all know Audible can be an expensive service, but thankfully there's always a few Audible promos and discounts you can take advantage of to get you up and running with a respectable library in no time.

While there are currently no actual Audible promo codes to use on the Audible site itself, there is a fantastic promotion and a hefty Audible discount available. Right now you can get 4 months of membership for $14.95 $7.95 per month – which is a saving of 46% ($28) in total. We've got a detailed look at this just down below, including what you'll exactly be getting with this new subscriber-only Audible discount.

If you're an existing member, there are also some excellent benefits that you may not have been aware of, including the free access to over 300 kids audiobooks and handy links to the Audible daily deal. To see what's available this week, simply scroll down to the Audible promo codes section further down the page.

The best Audible discount right now

With this discount, you'll be saving $28 over the space of four months, which is fantastic when you think you'll already be getting four free audiobooks, 8 Audible Originals, and a 30% storewide discount. Note, however, that this Audible discount is only available for new subscribers only, so if you're an existing subscriber then you're unfortunately not eligible. 

We've got a really in-depth breakdown of what's included with an Audible membership, as well as frequently asked questions in our Audible price and membership guide. If you're still on the fence, then you can also check out the 30-day free trial of Audible, which we've also broken down with a detailed Audible free trial guide.

While there are currently no promotional codes that will get you free membership months on Audible, there are some great free giveaways and bonuses to be had, including free access to over 300 kids audiobooks. We've listed out the best Audible offers down below, including where to get the Audible daily deal.

Audible | Hundreds of children's audiobooks for free
Audible has made the entirety of its Stories collection free to access for the ongoing future. If you've got kids bored at home due to school closures then check out this awesome service, which you don't even need an account to access. There are currently over 300 free audiobooks in 8 different languages, so it really is a great gift from Audible.
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Audible | $30 off all 12-month membership gifts.
You can currently save $30 when gifting someone a 12-month Audible membership – bringing the cost down from $150 to $120. This will secure them 12 free audiobook tokens right off the bat, which they'll receive upfront straight away even if they're already an Audible member.
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Audible | The Audible Daily Deal
Everyday Audible puts up a new title with a discounted price, exclusively for members only. If you're already signed up and looking to make the most of that membership discount then make sure you keep an eye out, as your sure to find a cheap audiobook deal.
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Audible | Up to 30% off audiobook deals on the Audible store
One of the main benefits of the Audible memberships, both Gold and Platinum, is this fantastic storewide 30% discount you'll receive. If you spend your free token on a brand new release then use this 30% discount on already discounted or cheap audiobooks, then you'll be saving money and building up a respectable library in no time.
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Audible promo codes tend to be pretty rare, so often the best savings are to be had around one-off membership promotions (such as the one included at the top of this article) or by getting a discount in the Audible deal of the day.

Most of the Audible membership discounts tend to revolve around new subscribers, so if you're an existing member it's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to knock some cost off next month's bill. Existing members, however, do have access to the audiobook deals section on the Audible site, where Audible tends to put up sales on a fairly regular basis. This Audible discounts can run anywhere from 10% to 30% discounts to $5 audiobook deals, so they can be a great way to save a little bit of cash on the side when used in conjunction with your 30% off flat storewide membership discount.

Other excellent Amazon services

If you've already got Audible but still want to save some cash, Amazon has a load of other excellent subscription services that you can check out for free. Everything's covered here, from movies, music, books to TV, and you're sure to find something of interest.

Most of these subscription services run a 30-day free trial, with a few even offering up to 6-months for free. All of these will require your card details to sign up to but remember you can simply cancel your subscription immediately and still get full access for 30-days – giving you a lot of time to check out the service without incurring any cost.


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