Apple’s patent suggests the possibility of republishing sent iMessages

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Have you ever thought of modifying messages already sent? And what's the point of correcting big finger errors once the receiver has read it? Well, Apple thinks there are a lot of problems with current messaging apps and has applied for a patent allowing its iMessage app to modify the messages already sent.

The patent application entitled Devices, methods and graphical user interfaces for messaging has been deposit with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) late last month in which Apple is discussing a host of features that could be added to its messaging app.

In the case, Apple claims that current messaging applications have many drawbacks and limitations such as their limited ability to easily recognize messages, modify previously sent messages and express what a user is trying to communicate, display messages private, synchronize the display of content between users, etc. .

image editing function

(Image credit: US Patents Office)

Apple's IMessage works on iOS, iPadOS and macOS and competes with agnostic messaging services for devices such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Signal in addition to several video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Team, Zoom and Google Hangouts.


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