Apple’s AirPods Studio Could Be The Smartest On-Ear Headphones Of All Time

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Apple is designing the AirPods Studio, and a brand new leak suggests it will be the smartest pair of headphones we've ever seen.

The on-ear AirPods Studio – also called AirPods X – will include a number of sensors that can detect how you're wearing them and redirect their left and right audio channels to match, according to sources who spoke to 9to5Mac.

In addition to correctly identifying which ear is, the headset will be expected to detect if the headset is on your head or neck, and pause music when you are not wearing it, a common feature of in-ear headphones, such as AirPods and AirPods Pro, but which are rarely seen on on-ear cans.

Sources who spoke confidentially confirmed that AirPods Studio will include active noise cancellation and will be able to use transparency mode like the Sony WH-1000XM3, but will differentiate itself by offering a custom setting on iOS and macOS devices. using, we assume, a new standalone app software.

Two styles: AirPods Studio and Studio Light?

Although the source of 9to5Mac could not confirm previous reports on the existence of two distinct models, the publication refers to an earlier report from Bloomberg which points to two distinct models: one which uses high quality materials and another that uses lower quality components but is likely to be cheaper.

The potential price of AirPods Studio and the release date of the headset are just two of the many unknown factors at this point, but sources told Bloomberg that the premium model would likely cost $ 349 (around £ 249, AU $ 500) to compete with the Bose NC700 and could be unveiled in June at the Apple WWDC 2020 conference.

Until we get all the details from Apple, it's worth being skeptical about all the AirPods Studio rumors, but having multiple sources all saying the same thing bodes well and could provide early information. on new generation Apple headphones.


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