AMD Ryzen Pro Processor Line Brings Businesses Fight Against Intel

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After successfully launching its Ryzen Mobile 4000 chips for consumer notebooks, AMD has announced the launch of its updated Ryzen Pro processor line.

These new processors have up to eight of the latest Zen 2 cores, up to Vega 7 graphics, and are built using the latest TSMC 7nm process node technology.

Ryzen Pro is AMD's commercial platform specially designed for corporate contracts, education deployments, medical use cases and any other environment requiring the ability to easily manage devices on all of a staff.

These processors have several enabled features that are not enabled in AMD consumer products and they also require additional validation at the manufacturing level. The company's Ryzen Pro processors also include AMD's Memory Guard which allows full encryption when a system is in hibernation mode to prevent potential attackers from accessing a user's data.

Ryzen Pro 4000 series

AMD plans to launch three Ryzen Pro 4000 processors for mobile devices with a 15 W TDP, including a Ryzen 7 Pro, a Ryzen 5 Pro and a Ryzen 3 Pro.

These new processors contain a number of improvements over the previous generation Ryzen Pro 3000 series by increasing the number of cores in the stack and increasing the underlying microarchitecture while using the same amount of energy.

These improvements have made a difference in performance, and AMD says that its Ryzen Pro 4000 series processors have increased monothread performance by 29%, multithreaded performance by 132% and graphics performance by 13%. Compared to similar products from Intel, AMD's new processors offer 32% better performance for digital content creation and productivity in benchmarks that attempt to emulate real-world performance.

In a press release, Saeid Moshkelani, executive vice president and general manager of AMD's customer business unit, provided an overview of the company's new Ryzen Pro 4000 series processors:

“With the launch of the AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 mobile processors, AMD is once again setting the new standard for PC experiences – from high-end desktop computing to ultra-thin and gaming laptops and business notebooks modern. Built on the revolutionary “ Zen 2 ” architecture and 7nm process technology, the AMD Ryzen for Business portfolio offers advanced performance, reliable security features, impressive battery life and advanced manageability to elevate greatly enhances the capabilities of the ultra-thin laptop in any work environment. “

Via AnandTech


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