All iPhone 12 models benefit from 5G, but with certain limitations

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Leaks on the iPhone 12 are now appearing faster and faster. The latest rumor gives us more information on 5G connectivity than you might expect on the next iPhone.

Jon Prosser, analyst and technology specialist, says he heard that all new iPhone 12 models (and there should be four) will be able to connect to 5G networks. There are certainly mutual differences.

Prosser points out that his current information indicates that the two cheaper models of the iPhone 12 – that is, the 5.4-inch model and one of the 6.1-inch smartphones – will not have mmWave connectivity 5G faster.

Your place of residence will determine if this is important to you. 5G is currently split between two technologies, mmWave 5G offering faster speeds, while competing sub-6 technology is used more often.

For example, the 5G network of the American carrier Verizon is entirely based on mmWave 5G technology. This probably means that the cheaper iPhones will not work with 5G connectivity on this network. There is currently no full-fledged 5G network in the Netherlands or Belgium, and it is currently unclear which 5G technology will use these networks.

According to information from Prosser, the two high-end models will work with mmWave 5G technology. So if you are interested in the higher speeds, you should opt for one of these models.

Source information has been accurate in recent weeks on products like the iPhone SE and 13-inch MacBook Pro, so we expect this information to be accurate as well.

Via Tom's guide


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