7 new TV shows on Netflix, HBO Max and other streamers this week

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If you're looking for new shows to air this week, it's going to be a few highlights, especially on Netflix. A major Netflix original, Space Force, made its debut on the streaming service this Friday, and it's probably the biggest comedy of the year in terms of name recognition. Steve Carell directs the cast and it is written by the creator of The Office, but will it be worth watching? We will find out very soon.

Alongside Space Force, the newest horse racing wars in streaming makes its debut this week. HBO Max is available from May 27 in the United States. Below we have selected a show from the lineup that is worth considering if you are thinking of subscribing, although the real reason for getting this service now is its rich archive of classic HBO shows.

Here are the news to broadcast this week.

Space force (Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

If there is a new show to watch this week, it is surely this new Netflix sitcom by Greg Daniels, executive producer of The Office, with Steve Carell. Space Force concerns the new branch of the armed forces, designed by POTUS and looking ridiculous, whose creation is overseen by Carell's four-star general, Mark Naird.

The Space Force mission to militarize the stars seems like a fun disaster. The cast is full of faces you will recognize: Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich and Ben Schwartz (AKA Jean-Ralphio Saperstein of Parks and Rec) as Space Force social media coordinator. It could be a treat.

Streaming on Netflix from May 29

Love Life (HBO Max)

(Image credit: HBO Max)

HBO Max launches this week without looking anything like a Original Mandalorian-sized heavy hitter. In other words, unless you count the entire HBO catalog in the past and present, which are all the foundations of this new service. Love Life, however, despite some mixed reviews so far, is probably its biggest original. It's a themed anthology series that takes someone from their first love to their last, and this first season features the charming Anna Kendrick.

Streaming on HBO Max from May 27

Ramy season 2 (Hulu)

(Image credit: Craig Blankenhorn / Hulu)

The famous acclaimed Hulu, Ramy, returns for a second season. Comedian Ramy Youssef won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actor this year, so if you haven't checked out on his eponymous show, this may be the right time. In the series, the Egyptian-American Muslim Ramy Hassan (Youssef) lives in New Jersey, existing between his religious communities and millennia and their contrasting lifestyles. In this second season, Ramy dives deeper into his faith, and the Oscar winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) makes an appearance. All episodes are available for streaming this week. Watch it with a 7-day free Hulu trial.

In the UK, Starz has the rights to Ramy, and you can broadcast season 1 via the Starz channel now. However, no word on season 2.

Streaming on Hulu from May 29

Hannah Gadsby: Douglas (Netflix)

After the huge success of Gadby's previous Netflix special Nanette, the actor returns this week for a brand new stand-up show on the streaming service, which was filmed in Los Angeles. Why is he called Douglas? He is partly named after one of his dogs, but apparently this special reveals that there is more to it than that. Check out our list of the best Netflix comedy specials if you want more laughs.

Streaming on Netflix from May 26

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

Having avoided facing justice for his actions, the story of convicted billionaire Jeffrey Epstein remains a terrible and frustrating example of how the wealthy do not face the same consequences as everyone else. In this four-part documentary mini-series, the victims of Epstein tell their stories first-hand, in the hope that future generations will obtain the justice they have not obtained.

Streaming on Netflix from May 27

Somebody Feed Phil season 3 (Netflix)

(Image credit: courtesy of Netflix)

Let the creator of Raymond Everyone Loves Phil Rosenthal (that's right, TV writers have food shows now) remind you of a time when you could eat food outside your home in the last season of his Netflix food series. In this new season, composed of five episodes, Rosenthal launches among other things in culinary adventures in Marrakech and London. Easy viewing if you like Netflix cooking shows.

Streaming on Netflix from May 29

Dorohedoro (Netflix)

(Image credit: Netflix)

This new animated horror series debuted earlier this year in Japan, and Netflix has secured the rights to broadcast it elsewhere. A man is taken to the streets of a spooky town called “The Hole” by wizards. After having made horrible experiments on him, he wakes up unfortunately with a lizard head and a lot of amnesia. He teams up with his friend Nikaido to take revenge on the wizard who left him the head of this lizard to begin with.

Boy, talk about predictable storytelling.

Streaming on Netflix from May 28


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