WINDSCRIBE VPN REVIEW – Free 10 GB VPN every month

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Windscribe VPN


From $ 3.70 / m

Windscribe VPN


  • User-friendly interface
  • Free plan (10 GB / month
  • No leaks
  • Strong security features
  • Anonymous payment options

The inconvenients

  • The Premium plan is expensive
  • No live chat

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few months, we all know that ISPs, government agencies and hackers are looking for us. They are looking for your data and information. For example, some ISPs collect your data and then sell it to third-party marketing companies. The only way to protect yourself from these abuses is to use VPN services. The problem is that the market is flooded with VPN services where some are real while others are fake. One of the real VPN services is the Windscribe VPN which we will be looking at.

What is Windscribe?

Windscribe is a relatively new Canadian VPN service that offers great value for money. It is a desktop app and a VPN browser extension that work together to block trackers, ads and restore access to blocked content. Everything that is recorded online is protected and the company assures its customers of all online confidentiality.

The company offers two plans; a paid premium and a free VPN plan. If you want to subscribe to the free plan and take advantage of 10 GB of data per month, be sure to confirm your email address. For those who buy the premium plan, you will benefit from unlimited data and unlimited connections. The premium plan is a complete service which allows subscribers to access all servers around the world. So let's dive in and see why this VPN is “the best VPN on the market”.

Windscribe VPN plans and pricing:

Windscribe Prize

Although Windscribe advertises the free plan, its main objective is to attract customers to subscribe to the premium plan. Most users like to use it for free, but the problem is that some features such as monthly data limits are limited. The other disadvantage of using the free plan is that there is a data limit. The data limit for the free plan is 10 GB per month while the bonus has no limit. You won't be able to take advantage of all that the Windscribe VPN service has to offer. Unlike other VPN providers that offer different premium plans, Windscribe unlimited is only offered in one plan that you can purchase monthly or annually.

Customers are strongly advised to subscribe each year as it is cheaper than paying for the plan on a monthly basis. The monthly subscription is $ 9 while the annual plan drops to $ 4.08 / month. The two-year plan drops to $ 3.70 / month. Therefore, choosing to subscribe to the monthly plan will cost you more than double. Windscribe VPN subscribers can pay using their MasterCard, Visa Card, PayPal and American Express. For people who prefer anonymity, you can pay using Bitcoin.

VISIT Windscribe VPN

VPN features

The Windscribe Company is an incredibly young VPN service that started in 2016. This means that the company is responding well to our modern needs by improving its functionality. Some time ago, it was difficult to find the features of Windscribe VPN on its website, but the good news is that they updated their website and included a “Features” page. Here are some cool features;

Unlimited number of connections – that's great because most companies cap the number at two to six per account, but for Windscribe it's unlimited.

  • Server locations in 50 countries – Once registered for this service, you will have access to a network of over 500 servers in 50 countries.

  • Unlimited bandwidth – users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, which does not keep logs of your activity.

  • Open VPN encryption – it creates a secure point-to-point connection remotely and along the way.

  • Kill Switch – an excellent feature that ensures that users' IP addresses are never exposed online, even in the event of a drop in VPN connections.

  • Stealth mode and port forwarding options – they help prevent malicious users from discovering information on computers on the network.

  • Adblocker – the VPN service blocks all unwanted ads for all of its users.

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) support – Windscribe enables P2P activity on all of its VPN servers.

  • Chrome and Firefox extension – to prevent hackers from obtaining your information when using Chrome or Firefox to navigate, the company provides a firewall extension.

  • These features are essential when purchasing or subscribing to a VPN service provider. Users should avoid sharing accounts even if the company allows an unlimited number of devices.


According to official sources, Windscribe VPN takes user privacy very seriously. However, what most people ask is if the VPN is secure. First, Windscribe VPN is very different from other VPN service providers in some key aspects, including encryption. Their encryption takes a simple approach to prevent users from getting hurt for example by connecting to insecure servers when using this VPN.

Windscribe offers VPNOnlineFree as the default VPN protocol because it is the most secure and has excellent support as it is mainly used worldwide. VPNOnlineFree is fast and these are open sources.

Windscribe not only maintains a strict no-logging policy, but it also hides your activity from everyone. The company reset your traffic logs and connections on the day you signed up each month, which means they were kept for one month and then deleted. You never have to worry about DNS leaks because every VPN server has a DNS server running.

Customers can also take advantage of the emergency stop function which blocks all connectivity outside the tunnel for maximum protection. Another great security feature is the ability for the user to create a “double hop”. The creation of “double hop” is done using the VPN used and the browser extension. This helps maintain confidentiality and anonymity.

VISIT Windscribe VPN

Customer service

If you need help using Windscribe, you have a few support options. It has three different support options which include; configure guides, FAQ page and support tickets. The only problem is that this company does not have a 24/7 live chat function and this means that you will need to communicate with support via email.

When looking for technical support, you have three options; talk to Garry, FAQ page and submit a ticket. Tal to Garry acts as a live chat option which you can access by clicking on the green bubble icon on your screen. The worst part is that it is an automated bot, which seems to give an answer based on a particular keyword present in your question. The FAQ page is rich in content and mainly covers the first high-tech questions.

This will help you solve all your problems because the resource is an honest problem. If you do not get a response from the above options, send a request ticket to the support team. They will send you an immediate response and then respond to your question within 24 hours. I hope the company will strive to include a live chat on its website.


One of the main things that users consider when purchasing VPN services is speed. You need high speed to get your work done on time or watch this movie online. Whenever you use VPN services, you need speed. After research, we discovered that Windscribe VPN is relatively fast in terms of speed compared to its competitors. This means that users can enjoy a reasonably reliable speed range. The VPN service provider is slightly behind speed. Other aspects affect speed, for example, network conditions and distance.

Windscribe VPN works better on its servers in the United States compared to those servers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. VPN services are great for some who want to browse and watch YouTube videos, but if you want to streamline a full high definition movie, you will experience many delays. Windscribe will work best for you if you only upload short videos or watch them online on YouTube.


Even if a VPN service has all the best features in the world, it wouldn't mean anything if it doesn't support your device. A VPN service that works with most devices is great because you don't have to worry about buying a new tool that works with specific VPN services.

Windscribe is expected to support the following platforms; Android, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Linux, Mac, Windows and iOS. At least, it is compatible with most platforms common to users. The Windscribe VPN has a large set of apps, especially for people using the Android and iOS platforms.

Any modern VPN service provider must support mobile platforms. We all know that most people access the Internet using their mobile phone compared to those who use their desktop computer. For information on setting up VPN apps on different platforms, be sure to visit their official website.

You will get all the necessary materials and resources provided with the screenshots to facilitate the whole process. The screenshot will be a systematic guide, and it is very informative as you try what you read. They also have tutorial videos to guide users.

The website

The Windscribe website is easy to use due to its excellent design and design, and that is probably why most people turn to these VPN service providers. It is full of rich content that is informative for the user. The company attracts users to its site by creating a well-organized home page and contains an introductory video.

To access all the great features offered by this company, you have to navigate at the top of their screen to the “menu” option. In the menu you will also find essential links to features, prices, configuration guides and support.

Their features page is very informative as it includes specific information about encryption. Their download page is also great and helps users with resources on how to install the VPN on Wi-Fi routers. They also provide a link to buy a preconfigured router. To configure the configuration files for the SOCKS5, VPNOnlineFree, and IKEv2 proxy setting, visit the configuration generators section on the website.

Windscribe has also helped its customers by setting up options for companies like Amazon, Nvidia Shield, Kodi and FireTV. Their website has informative content, for example, talk to their support team and that is certainly what all users need.

The Windscribe VPN process

Register on Windscribe

Registering for Windscribe is very simple. You must first select the plan you want to use either the free plan or the premium plan. You can find the difference between free VPN and paid VPN on VPNCop. After that, create a username and password. It is optional to advertise and add an email address to your account. You will redirect to your user portal where you can see the account status and bandwidth usage after completing the questions. The installation of this software takes only a few minutes and afterwards you can log into your account using your credentials.

Windscribe VPN on Windows

It is very quick to download and install Windscribe VPN on Windows. After installation, log in to verify the proposed simple client. The given options allow the client to change the servers, activate and deactivate the VPN and activate the kill switch. The Windscribe VPN client is ideal for both novice and occasional VPN clients. It is easy to use and experienced customers will appreciate the different customization options.

Windscribe VPN Chrome Extension

Installing an additional browser extension is important when you want to install Windscribe on your desktop. The browser extension helps you maintain high levels of privacy by blocking ads. The graphic design will appear on your screen prompting you to download the browser extension Windscribe Chrome, which resembles that of the desktop. You can generate links and see connections from different locations by enabling and disabling VPN.

To see which countries you connect to, check the “Cruise Control” option and see what choices you have. The Chrome and Firefox extensions are a great addition to your browser. They offer good usability that protects all traffic entering and leaving your browser.


  • It has a small, user-friendly interface.

  • Price options / free plan

  • Provide maximum privacy and security.

  • Customers can take advantage of anonymous payment options.

  • Additional security features.

  • No leaks, no viruses.

The disadvantages of Windscribe VPN

  • Slows down your Internet connection to less than 50%.

  • No customer support team to talk to in person via live chat.

  • Quite expensive.

Windscribe VPN Company claims to be the organization that serves customers who have no experience in VPNs. It has excellent features as well as high levels of security for those who are concerned about their privacy. If you are a beginner and need a VPN, go for Windscribe VPN!

VISIT Windscribe VPN

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