Ivacy VPN Review 2020: is this best VPN?

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Speaking of the final verdict, Ivacy VPN offers the best value for money and deserves a 4.0 / 5.0 star rating. As we have seen in this review of Ivacy VPN, the service works perfectly with Netflix and torrents. Although it lacks Tor compatibility, it is super affordable and has a solid 5-star rating on Trustpilot. I highly recommend Ivacy VPN in 2020.

Based on Singapore
Price NOW 88% OFF $ 1.16 / month
Servers 1,000+ (56 countries)
Records No records
Multiple login 5 devices
Refund 30 days
Recommended yes
Website Ivacy.com
Bargains by Ivacy

10 Best Cheap VPNs for 2020 (from .99 / Month)

Ivacy is among the few VPNs that actually offer value for money. For starters, Ivacy offers a legitimate no records policy. Ivacy also has a large server park consisting of More than 1000 servers in More than 100 locations that work with both Netflix and torrenting.

Even though it only costs $ 2.25 / month Ivacy offers compatibility on multiple devices and additional security features I like Kill switch, Divided tunnel, OpenVPN (TCP / UDP) and Forwarding of ports.

All in all, Ivacy deserves a perfect rating, however the fact that it is based in Singapore (which is a corporate member of the 5 eyes), is not compatible with tor and it also has a cumbersome refund policy, is exactly why this service managed 4.0 / 5.0 star rating in this Ivacy review.

✓ Best Unlocking and Use Torrent and Torrenting
✓ Unlocking of Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, etc.
✓ 30 day free trial
✓ Dedicated...Show More
✓ Best Unlocking and Use Torrent and Torrenting
✓ Unlocking of Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, etc.
✓ 30 day free trial
✓ Dedicated streaming servers
✓ Connect to over 190 countries
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My Qualification

I have tested Ivacy according to the 9 qualification criteria described below:

Jurisdiction: where is Ivacy VPN based?

Ivacy is based in Singapore, which is known to have lenient privacy laws, yet remains an ally of the five eyes. Since there is a lot of talk about Singapore's potential role as a partner of the five eyes, I contacted their live chat support. Here is his answer:

Ivacy-VPN's-response-for-allegedly-based in a 5-eye jurisdiction

Although there is no way to confirm whether or not Ivacy would comply with law enforcement agencies or not, according to her chat support representative, The user's identity is kept totally secure with Ivacy.

If you want to know why you should care about watchdogs, I urge you to read this guide to select a five-eye, nine-eye and 14-eye nation-based VPN.

Security: encryption and functions

In the security department, Ivacy offers Top-notch encryption and security features. Speaking of encryption, this VPN service offers PPTP, SSTP, L2TP-IPSec and OpenVPN protocols.

OpenVPN it is the most popular of the protocol options. It is fast, reliable and so far unbreakable. All of this is possible due to the open source nature of the protocol, which allows constant updates.

And not to forget, OpenVPN supports 256-bit AES encryption. This encryption is secure enough for the NSA to encrypt your confidential information. This means that it is also safe enough for you.

Ivacy's VPN registration policy

Is Ivacy safe? Okay, yes. In fact, Ivacy follows a true no records policy. More specifically, this VPN does not store any Meta records or activity logs.

Ivacy has done a pretty decent job of keeping her registry policy zero. In fact, they have done exceptional work compared to other VPNs in the industry. The only information that Ivacy stores is the names of the users, the email addresses and the payment methods. In general, Ivacy is a real VPN service without registration according to its privacy policy.

Ivacy Kill Switch

Let's be honest for a second, VPNs tend to go offline every now and then. Now if you are just browsing the web this might not be a big deal, however if you are torrenting this can mean risking your privacy.

To prevent your IP address from being accidentally leaked, Ivacy offers a built-in shutdown switch, which disconnects your Internet every time you lose your VPN connection. This nifty little feature is not just a trick and actually works as advertised.

Ivacy split tunnel

This VPN service also comes with a built-in split tunnel feature. If you don't know what this feature does, it basically allows you to prioritize the applications that need security and those that don't.

You can use the split tunnel feature to save bandwidth by excluding certain applications that you don't want to protect with Ivacy. For example, when I tried this feature, I simply excluded Netflix from the tunnel, as I didn't want to slow down my transmission speeds with higher encryption.

Marginal note: Ivacy claims to have invented this technology, but I can't confirm it for now.

Ivacy's dedicated IP address

In addition to offering many dynamic IP addresses, Ivacy also offers dedicated IPs for an additional $ 1.99 / month. Ivacy provides dedicated IP addresses from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States

Although it's great to see that Ivacy offers dedicated IP from 7 countries, they don't give you the freedom to select a particular city of your choice.

Ivacy Port Forwarding

Ivacy also offers a port forwarding function as a complement. If you don't know, most VPNs use NAT firewall to prevent users from falling victim to malicious inbound connections. While this feature is quite useful, it blocks peer connections when torrenting. Not only will you find it difficult to establish a connection with your peers, but you will also find slow download and seeding speeds.

That said, Ivacy's port forwarding feature addresses this problem by giving you the freedom to redirect incoming connections around the NAT firewall to establish connections. This feature not only works great, it also costs an additional $ 1 over your standard subscription plan

No Tor or Proxy compatibility

Tor is one of the favorite tools of privacy advocates. Even without a VPN involved, Tor can protect users from cyber surveillance and online censorship. However, when you combine Tor with a VPN, you get the formula for maximum online privacy. Unfortunately Ivacy is incompatible with the Tor network.

Get Ivacy30-day money back guarantee

Leaks – DNS, IP and WebRTC leak tests

Like other premium VPNs, Ivacy passed my VPN leak test with excellence.

DNS leak test

This feature works perfectly as my tests showed no DNS leak. Many times, Windows uses your default DNS instead of the one provided by your VPN. This can easily expose your location and identity. Ivacy DNS Leak Protection routes your request from the VPN's DNS server. This prevents your location from being exposed.


As you can see in the screenshot above, my default IP address is nowhere to be seen.

IP leak test

Similarly, when I checked IP leaks, Ivacy showed no signs of leakage. For this test, I visited ipleak.org while connected to Ivacy's American server. As I said, Ivacy did not expose my actual IP address online.


WebRTC leak test

Lastly, Ivacy also passed the WebRTC leak test without a problem.. In fact, when I visited ip8.com, it was only showing the IP address of the VPN server I was connected to and not my default IP address.


Servers – Support for China and torrents

A wide range of servers is often the main strength of a VPN. While evaluating the service, I discovered that Ivacy's server list consists of more than 1,000 distributed in more than 100 locations. These are outstanding numbers if you stop considering the cheap price of this VPN.


With the perfect mix of physical and virtual servers, you can blow the restrictions without your ISPs noticing. You can use VPN servers to connect to some of the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu they are restricted to the audience in certain regions.

Does Ivacy work in China?

Ivacy is among the few VPNs that actually work in China. In fact, Ivacy is the only VPN provider offering six servers in Beijing and Shanghai other than PureVPN.

Even though the Chinese government is known to block VPNs, Ivacy still works efficiently in China. You can download Ivacy before traveling to China or use these special links to Windows and Android if you are already in China

Is Ivacy good for torrenting?

In addition to working smoothly in China, Ivacy also fully compatible with torrents and P2P file sharing.

Most VPN services backtrack when it comes to providing torrent support due to legalities. For example, TunnelBear no longer supports torrenting. Ivacy, on the other hand, is fully P2P compliant and provides optimized servers with blazing-fast speeds to ensure that your download and upload are seamless. It is also ranked # 1 on our best VPN torrent blog.

Speed: how fast is Ivacy?

Ivacy does not disappoint its users on the speed front. In fact, in this Ivacy review, when it connected to EE servers. USA And the UK, Ivacy managed 28.24 Mbps download speed and 18.44 Mbps upload speed In Myself 30 Mbps connection.

Initially, I tested my speeds without Ivacy and managed 28.40 Mbps download and 29.78 Mbps upload speeds.

Speed ​​test result without Ivacy

Then I connected to a US Server USA using the OpenVPN protocol and I got 28.24 Mbps download and Upload speeds of 18.44 Mbps.


The results show that the Ivacy VPN download speed was slightly slower, while the upload speeds remained consistent.

Streaming: Does Ivacy work with Netflix and other VoD services?

Ivacy VPN worked perfectly with Netflix at the time of writing this review. However, I would recommend that you keep up to date with working servers and not with chat support. The fact that Ivacy really unblocks US Netflix. USA It is really impressive since many VPNs do not.


In fact, here is a user on Trustpilot who suggested using Ivacy VPN over ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix from Australia:


Apart from Netflix, Ivacy also easily unlocked BBC iPlayer without any problem. Here is a screenshot of me streaming Ladhood on BBC iPlayer.


Other transmission services

Ivacy also works with streaming services like Kodi, FireStick, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more. Speaking of Ivacy for Kodi, during this review, I was delighted to hear that Ivacy has started offering a dedicated Kodi app for all Kodi streamers.


This service comes with OpenELEC compatibility and allows you to unlock any geo-restricted channel on Kodi. The setup process is quite simple and illustrated in your knowledge base.

Get Ivacy30-day money back guarantee

Compatibility: compatible apps and devices

Ivacy is one of the more compatible VPN services I have reviewed so far.


Surprisingly, this VPN provides a decent device and operating software compatibility to its users. With VPN clients running smoothly for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, this service covers all major platforms.

In addition to providing the VPN clients for the aforementioned software and operating devices, it can also be configured manually on Linux, routers, Roku, Kodi, Firestick, Smart TV, Blackberry, and even consoles.

If any of the Ivacy apps are causing you problems, you can find helpful tips in this Ivacy article that doesn't work.

Ivacy for Windows


For Windows users, Ivacy has designed a elegant and easy to use client It provides maximum privacy with a single click. When using your Windows application, you will find 8 different navigation options available on the left side. These options include Smart Connect, Secure Download, Stream Unlock, and Dedicated IP.

Ivacy for Mac


For Mac users, Ivacy is one of the best VPN for Mac as it offers exclusive software and manual configuration. You can use both methods to configure this VPN on your device.

The VPN client for mac is similar in design and feel to Windows PC software. All options are located on the left panel and at the top of the VPN client. You can download Ivacy for mac from its website, follow the installation wizard, and then run the software.

Ivacy for Android

Ivacy for Android

Android users can find the Ivacy app on the Google Play Store. The application has a Sleek design and one-touch connect function. Plus, it lets you choose from the extensive library of VPN servers.

Ivacy for iOS

Ivacy for iOS

In order not to ignore Apple lovers, Ivacy has developed an eye-catching and intuitive iOS app that provides digital privacy on the go. Users can download this application for free on iTunes and enjoy guaranteed protection against malware and other forms of online threats.

Pricing: How much does Ivacy VPN cost?

Hands down! Ivacy is a profitable VPN service that starts from just 88% OFF $1.16 / month. This provider offers three basic subscription plans which are listed below:

Forwarding of ports:

Dedicated IP:


✓ Best Unlocking and Use Torrent and Torrenting
✓ Unlocking of Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, etc.
✓ 30 day free trial
✓ Dedicated...Show More
✓ Best Unlocking and Use Torrent and Torrenting
✓ Unlocking of Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, etc.
✓ 30 day free trial
✓ Dedicated streaming servers
✓ Connect to over 190 countries
Show Less

As a frequent VPN reviewer, I rarely come across services that offer low rates for quality service. Ivacy is an exception to this rule. The VPN is equipped with all the advanced tools to protect your privacy online. More interesting still, Ivacy also offers a free 1-day trial.

Payment methods

The VPN offers multiple payment modes, including card payments, PayPal, BitPay, AliPay, Perfect Money, and Paymentwall. Even more impressive, you can pay through Multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Ivacy payment methods

Cumbersome refund policy

Although Ivacy is quite affordable, I'm not a big fan of your refund policy. Despite announcing a 30-day refund, you can only claim a refund within 7 days if you have purchased the monthly package. Annual subscribers, on the other hand, can get a refund within a month, but cannot consume more than 500 MB of bandwidth or 30 sessions.

Additionally, you will need to meet the requirements described below for a full refund.

  • Ivacy has not suspended your account due to breach of the terms of service
  • You have not requested a refund under this policy
  • He did not use Bitcoin, BitPay, or any other anonymous option to pay his fees.

If you meet the above criteria, Ivacy can start processing your refunds within two days once you have made the valid refund request.

Get Ivacy30-day money back guarantee

Reliability – Trustpilot Ratings, Feedback and Reddit Support

What makes Ivacy an interesting option for European users is its compliance with GDRP. When you use a GDPR compliant VPN, you can be sure of your data collection process. In the case of Ivacy, I found that it fully complies with the GDPR laws.

Ivacy's Position on Transparency

When it comes to transparency, not many VPN services love to be clean. However, Ivacy has recently released an official statement to clarify all allegations of having an affiliation with PureVPN. I think it was quite a bold move and one that should improve the level of trust of its incumbent customers.

Ivacy Trustpilot Reviews

Ivacy has a perfect reputation on Trustpilot. Unlike other VPN providers, Ivacy has an impeccable 4.8 star rating based on 719+ user reviews. More than 88% of users I rated Ivacy as excellent with only 2% bad reviews.


Comments on Ivacy Reddit

Is Ivacy VPN good? Well, according to Reddit reviews, most people tend to either love Ivacy or hate him entirely. For example, here is a Reddit user with a lifetime subscription to Ivacy VPN who indicates that he gets great speeds with Ivacy and uses it with Netflix.


Here are a couple of comments complaining about Ivacy's frequent connection drops.


Although I am sure some users may have had problems with Ivacy, I didn't notice too many problems.

Efficient customer support

In terms of customer service, Ivacy offers one of the The Industry's Most Complete Customer Service Systems. The provider has a comprehensive knowledge base consisting of guides, technical information, and other relevant VPN data.

In addition to comprehensive guides and tutorials, Ivacy also offers a live chat feature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which I was able to try on a few occasions. In response to most of my inquiries, the agent provided me with an in-depth response that directly addressed my concerns. Overall, the VPN customer support seemed perfect to me.


If you don't want to use the live chat support option, you can get helpful information by reading their FAQ section, which is referred to as common questions on the official site.

Do I recommend Ivacy?

Yes, I recommend Ivacy. The fact that Ivacy offers tons of features, affordable pricing plans, great Netflix / torrents support and incredible customer support makes Ivacy totally worth it. $ 2.25 / month price. I also discovered that the list of features and performance are in part with some of the industry giants.

However, at the time of writing this Ivacy VPN review, I did come across some little issues that I really wish didn't exist. For example, the fact that Ivacy is based in Singapore and is not Tor compliant is a bit disappointing to me. Other than that, I also found that Ivacy's refund policy is quite cumbersome. Based on the pros and cons already covered, Ivacy managed to achieve a 4.0 / 5.0 star rating in this review

You can also check out other unbiased VPN reviews for the detailed pros and cons of popular VPN services.

✓ Best Unlocking and Use Torrent and Torrenting
✓ Unlocking of Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, etc.
✓ 30 day free trial
✓ Dedicated...Show More
✓ Best Unlocking and Use Torrent and Torrenting
✓ Unlocking of Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, etc.
✓ 30 day free trial
✓ Dedicated streaming servers
✓ Connect to over 190 countries
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