5 promising and secure team chat apps to host on your server

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With extended lockdown measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, businesses rely on dedicated messengers to stay in touch with their employees when working from home. Of course, there are many trading options available, but these are not always the best solutions.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a marked increase in the digital footprint. Not only does this mean that ISPs have more information to listen to, it has also caused a rapid increase in cybercrime with messengers at the center.

Whether you want to secure your team's conversations or simply explore a more customizable experience, we recommend that you consider self-hosted options that install directly on your own server.

Troop Messenger – Office secure chat application

Of $ 1 per user, per month

In his heart, Troop Messenger is a hybrid cloud solution for internal team chat. The software is designed to increase efficiency, innovation and agility in privacy-minded organizations while keeping data under control.

It is intelligent, secure and proven team collaboration software used by highly reliable organizations. Offering a feasible deployment for self-hosting, Troop Messenger allows teams to keep their data under their control without listening!

Businesses can host themselves using their private cloud, on-premises servers and public cloud. TM can be more personalized for defense or military teams, government and non-profit organizations.

Troop Messenger has a very intuitive interface associated with a transparent navigation function. It has all of the contemporary functionality a team needs to meet the demands of business collaboration. For example, unlimited individual and group messaging, message reminder, video and voice calls, audio messaging, screen and content sharing, live location tracking, and advanced search filters.

Troop Messenger can also be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. It has a special burnout window function where team members can communicate in a confidential chat window and the chat is automatically deleted after a stipulated period.

Another feature worth mentioning is the “orange member” which allows teams to add third party providers and providers to the chat directory by granting them restricted access.

What makes Troop Messenger a secure chat application?

Visit Troop Messenger

Mattermost – a self-hosted Slack open source alternative

Of $ 3.25 per user, per month

Recognized as an easy-to-use, self-hosted Slack alternative, Mattermost has all the essential features you need to keep your team collaboration game on the edge. Key features include threaded messaging, file sharing, unlimited search history, extended integrations, and continuous archiving.

Tech giants like Samsung and Uber rely on Mattermost for internal communication. Originally developed for DevOps teams, Mattermost has become an ideal solution for any team or industry. Users download and deploy the Mattermost Enterprise Edition to their private cloud for complete data control.

It can also be deployed on Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Amazon Web Services and Oracle via Bitnami. The most important APIs and drivers allow users to create their own applications.

It adapts to your deployment needs, policies, preferences and existing. The tool works on a diverse platform like Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

What makes Mattermost a secure chat app?

Visit Mattermost

Rocket.Chat – Open Source, corporate team chat

Of $ 3 per user, per month and offers free community options

If you're looking for a free, open-source team chat tool, then Rocket Chat is probably your best bet. This self-hosted tool includes all essential collaboration features like individual and group messaging, audio and video calls, sharing of content and screen, etc.

With Rocket.Chat, you have the freedom to make endless customization in terms of choice of themes, design, plug-in and features. To go further, it supports easy migration from other chat apps via data importers.

Rocket.Chat is available on all major web, desktop, and mobile platforms. It supports powerful APIs such as LiveChat API, REST, etc.

What makes Rocket.Chat a secure chat app?

Visit Rocket.Chat

Zulip: powerful open source team chat application

Zulip's standard plan starts at $ 6.67

Zulip has a unique approach to team communication. The threaded chat model is different from conventional team chat apps. On Zulip, each section has a subject line and a subsection, which makes it easier for users to understand the subject.

Zulip, like most team chat apps, offers private and group messaging, document management, image collage, personalized notification and drag-and-drop file uploading. Other Zulip features include highlighting code syntax, quick search, integration options, and keyword shortcuts.

What makes Zulip a secure chat app?

Visit Zulip

Bitrix24: commercial collaboration platform with CRM

Single pricing for self-hosting starts at $ 1.3k for a team of 12 people

With Bitrix, teams can access all of the standard collaboration and communication features – real-time chat and video, unlimited workgroups, document management, group and private calendars, and HR management system.

In addition to these features, Bitrix24 offers project and task management features for the entire team. Other great features include time tracking, task templates and the ability to add external users.

The self-hosted Bitrix24 version gives teams direct access to the source code. This makes Bitrix24 completely customizable. Going further, the SDK and API documentation helps teams integrate the tool with other third-party applications and services important to their business.

Businesses choose Bitrix24 over other chat apps because of its powerful backend, integrated CRM and CMS, and native integrations with Office 365, MS Exchange and MS SharePoint. Bitrix is ​​easy to deploy. It works on all major servers. And if you don't have one, they can help you with deployment, hosting and administration.

What makes Bitrix24 a secure chat application?

Visit Bitrix24


There are many promising self-hosted team chat apps out there that are ready to help you and your business get through this pandemic. Despite the longer installation time, each offers a more secure, personalized and flexible experience that is virtually unmatched by their commercial counterparts.

Thinking of another favorite secure chat app that isn't on the list? Feel free to share it in the comments below so everyone can check it out!


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