5 best VPNs for Kuwait

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Kuwait is a country that applies a lot of censorship for religious, moral and cultural reasons. If you live or work in Kuwait and you need or want to access censored international websites or services, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) for Kuwait. With a Kuwaiti VPN, you can access the Internet using encryption to make sure your ISP and the Kuwaiti government will never know what you did online.

Using a VPN to access restricted content could get you in trouble with the law. That is why it is so important to use a VPN with a strict privacy policy and advanced VPN security features.

The best VPNs for Kuwait?

Unblocking website content, online media, geo-restricted services and anything censored by Kuwaiti Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on behalf of the government is easy. However, because you might be in trouble with the law (depending on what you access), you'll want a secure VPN that implements the strongest privacy features.

Below you can take a look at the best VPNs to use in Kuwait. If you need more information about each service, be sure to check out our VPN reviews.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a highly private and secure VPN that has servers in 94 countries

  • Pricing

    $6.67 –

  • Available on

    • the Windows

    • macOS

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Linux
  • Walk with

ExpressVPN is a provider based in the British Virgin Islands which is revered by consumers for its high levels of service.

The VPN does not store any logs, which means it never has any records of what its users do online. This means that it can never comply with data requests and government mandates. VPN apps are available for all popular platforms, and they all have advanced features that make them suitable for users in Kuwait. VPNOnlineFree encryption keeps your ISP and government from tracking your data and keeps WiFi hotspots, schools or workplaces from knowing which websites you are visiting.

With ExpressVPN, you get a kill switch, DNS leak protection, obscured servers, split tunneling, and port forwarding. This makes it ideal for circumventing censorship, torrenting and making VoIP calls. We love this support for 24/7 VPN live chat which can help you set up VPN or any other issues you may have. And you can install and use this VPN on up to 5 devices simultaneously.

It's a high-end VPN that you can safely test using its 30-day money back guarantee.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is a fast VPN with servers in 60 countries and great privacy features

  • Pricing

    $1.94 –

  • Available on

    • the Windows

    • macOS

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Linux
  • Walk with

Surfshark has not been around for so long. However, it quickly won over consumers with its low prices and massive feature set.

Le VPN has apps for all platforms that provide VPNOnlineFree encryption, kill switches, obfuscation, split tunneling, and DNS leak protection. In addition, this VPN does not contain any logs, which means that you can trust it to ensure privacy. Surfshark is great for bypassing both Kuwait censorship and geo-restricted services like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer.

When purchased with a 2 year subscription, this VPN offers excellent value for money. It even allows you to use the software on an unlimited number of devices. In addition, this VPN offers fast speeds for HD streaming and VoIP calls.

We think this VPN is ideal for most people's needs, and for that reason, we think it's worth testing it using its 30-day money back guarantee.

3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet access is an established VPN with many advanced privacy and personalization features.

  • Pricing

    $2.85 –

  • Available on

    • the Windows

    • macOS

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Linux
  • Walk with

Private Internet Access (PIA) is an American VPN known to be Reddit's preferred VPN.

Le VPN provides a solid non-journaling policy that it has even proven in court – on more than one occasion. This means that it never has records of what its users do online and can never comply with warrants to provide data to government authorities.

With PIA, you get apps for all platforms that have all the advanced features you need to securely VPN in Kuwait. A kill switch prevents you from accidentally leaking data outside of the encryption tunnel, and obfuscation port forwarding, split tunneling, and DNS leak protection are all included. PIA is not as fast as some of the others on this list, but it outperforms the vast majority of services on the market. However, where this service shines is by providing high levels of privacy to allow you to bypass censorship safely.

We love this torrent VPN thanks to its port forwarding and split tunneling features and consider it an excellent VPN that can unblock Netflix US. You can test it using its 30 day money back guarantee.

4. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a fast VPN that is great for beginners and offers easy-to-use apps for all platforms

  • Pricing

    $2.75 –

  • Available on

    • the Windows

    • macOS

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Linux
  • Walk with

CyberGhost is a VPN provider based in Romania, a place we consider ideal for a privacy service.

The VPN is known to keep no logs and it implements strong military level encryption. This prevents your ISP, the Government of Kuwait, and local area administrators in schools, workplaces, or Wi-Fi hotspots from tracking your online habits. CyberGhost has important features such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection and has fast servers in 90 countries around the world.

Granted, this VPN doesn't have as many advanced features as some of the above VPNs. But it represents an excellent quality / price ratio. We like that CyberGhost can unblock international services like Netflix US, and we consider it ideal for circumventing censorship in Kuwait. However, it does not implement obfuscation, so if you plan to access extremely sensitive content and want to completely hide the use of VPN you may want to look elsewhere.

However, to access US Netflix and other services, this VPN is cheap and good. And, VPNOnlineFree TCP is on port 443 by default, so you can hide the use of VPN as normal https: // (which is a rudimentary form of obfuscation). It's a great VPN that can be used on up to 7 devices and allows consumers to test the service with a 45-day money back guarantee.

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a fully audited, highly secure and easy to use VPN

  • Pricing

    $2.50 –

  • Available on

    • the Windows

    • macOS

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Linux
  • Walk with

VyprVPN is a service provider based in Switzerland which is considered to be a fantastic all rounder.

The apps are easy to use and are available for all popular platforms. This provider allows you to install and use the VPN on up to 5 devices simultaneously, which makes it suitable for use at home and on public WiFi. VyprVPN has a zero log policy and has proven the effectiveness of its applications and server infrastructure for privacy purposes with a comprehensive third party security audit. This means you can trust its VPNOnlineFree encryption to hide your web habits from your ISP, your local network administrator and the government of Kuwait.

We are still impressed with the ease of use of this VPN, and while it is the slowest VPN on this list, it is suitable for streaming and other data intensive tasks. In addition, this VPN has all the important features needed for a Kuwait VPN, such as a kill switch, DNS leak protection and obstructed servers. It also adds a free Smart DNS service.

We think this VPN ticks a lot of boxes, and there is no doubt that it is blowing the majority of the VPN industry out of the water. It's slightly more expensive than some of the other VPNs on this list, but we still think it's worth a try using its 30-day money back guarantee.

It's not the VPN that is illegal, but what you do with it

Yes. Getting a VPN subscription and using it for legal purposes is absolutely legal in Kuwait. This means that you are free to access any VPN website to get a subscription and download the software. Use a VPN to access services like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer shouldn't be a problem.

However, as soon as you use a VPN to access anything that is deliberately blocked by the government, you are committing a crime. It is not the VPN that is illegal, but what you do with it.

How can a VPN help if I'm in Kuwait

A VPN is an online service that allows you to pretend to be in another country. This allows you to access all government censored websites. Many people around the world use VPNs to access websites and services that have been blocked on a local WiFi network. Others use VPNs to bypass geographic restrictions and access international services such as BBC iPlayer or Netflix US.

In Kuwait, the need for a VPN also includes the desire to access government censored content. Since accessing this censored content is illegal, it's critical to use a VPN that offers tight digital privacy and security.

In this guide, we have recommended VPNs with the features you need to stay secure and private. Not all VPNs are created equal, but at VPNOnlineFree, we carefully compared the market to find services you can trust with the VPN features you need in Kuwait.

What does a VPN do for Kuwait?

Besides the luxury of unblocking geo-restricted and regional services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, hulu, HBO Go, etc., Kuwait is blocking many websites and online services, which means you will need a VPN to access a lot of impartial content and news. The government of Kuwait applies this censorship to ensure that citizens are not exposed to content deemed morally and religiously incompatible with local customs and ideals.

Which websites are blocked in Kuwait?

The government of Kuwait requires ISPs in the country to block online content containing information on the following topics:

  • Nudity or pornography
  • Content promoting terrorism and terrorist organizations
  • Gambling
  • Medication
  • Alcohol
  • Gay, Lebian and other LGBT content
  • Dating website
  • New criticisms of the government or the monarchy
  • Content or online services deemed incompatible with the country's religious and moral beliefs and customs

Why is Kuwait blocking VoIP?

Telecommunications providers in Kuwait also ban Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications because its controlling government wants all citizens to pay expensive national and international calling rates. For low-wage earners living in Kuwait from neighboring countries in the Middle East, these prices are far too high – preventing them from communicating with their families unless they are using VoIP services.

International citizens living in Kuwait have already been deported for bypassing blocks on VoIP services. For this reason, it is essential to use VPNs that offer obfuscation to safely access these services. Some of the blocked services in Kuwait are:

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Facetime
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • Viber
  • Telegram

Is using a VoIP VPN safe in Kuwait?

The best and safest way to access and unblock VoIP applications is to use a VPN. Specifically, a robust provider with a kill switch and obfuscation. However, because it is illegal, it still carries certain risks.

One thing to keep in mind is that VoIP traffic uses small packets at the rate of around 50 packets per second. The size and frequency of encrypted packets allow ISPs to potentially detect that a VoIP call is taking place inside the VPN tunnel.

The use of obfuscation ensures that your ISP does not know you are using a VPN, but the packet frequency rate could still reveal the use of VoIP if the ISPs are meticulous in their monitoring. To avoid this, you can add noise to the connection to mask VoIP packet rates.

If you unblock VoIP services with a VPN, you do so at your own risk. It's illegal and you could be in trouble. That said, many people use VPNs to access VoIP services without having problems.

Torrent with a VPN in Kuwait?

The government of Kuwait blocks access to many Torrent websites, including The Pirate Bay. If you want to download movies and TV shows confidentially, you will need a VPN. Below we have included a list of torrent repositories known to be restricted to Kuwait:

  • Demonoid
  • Extratorrent
  • Fulldls
  • Meganova
  • Seedpeer
  • Nfo
  • Piratic
  • World Nova
  • Power Portal
  • Smartorrent
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Torrentazos
  • Torrent base
  • Torrentlounge
  • Torrentplaza.be
  • TVtorrents
  • Xphilez
  • Zakatron
  • Zonamule
  • Zoozle

To learn more about how a VPN can improve your torrenting experience, see our torrent VPN guide.

What features does a Kuwait VPN need?

If you want to unblock censored or restricted content in Kuwait, it is essential that your VPN completely protects your online browsing habits. We have identified services that have the following important characteristics. We recommend that you only use your VPN if these features are enabled to ensure your security:

VPNOnlineFree encryption

This reliable VPN encryption protocol securely encrypts your data before it travels over the Internet. This ensures that your ISP cannot track the websites you visit. VPNOnlineFree is just one of the popular encryption protocols provided by VPNs. It is the most robust protocol, and it is the one we recommend. However, IKEv2 is another great protocol that some VPNs provide and you can safely use it.

A kill switch

A kill switch cuts the Internet connection of your device, which protects your identity in the event of a VPN failure.

A VPN kill kill is designed to prevent you from accidentally disclosing data outside the encrypted tunnel between you and the VPN server. If you are accessing a website restricted by the government of Kuwait and the VPN suddenly goes down, your ISP may instantly notice it. This is a huge potential risk that could lead to prosecution.

A VPN circuit breaker ensures that your Internet connection is cut in the event of an accidental VPN cut. As a result, a kill switch prevents you from leaking unencrypted data from the VPN tunnel, which means you can securely access restricted content without fear of being tracked.

DNS leak protection

A reliable VPN ensures that your encrypted Internet traffic and DNS requests are proxied through its own servers. This prevents your ISP from detecting visits to your website by monitoring your DNS requests. Many VPNs facing consumers have issues that cause DNS leaks. These data leaks allow your ISP to resolve your requests; revealing the areas you visit.

The VPNs we have recommended all have DNS protection to guarantee that your requests will never be disclosed to your ISP.

Test your VPN for DNS leaks

When purchasing a VPN service, we recommend that you test it for DNS leaks, to make sure your service is working as it should. See our easy-to-use DNS leak test for this.

Obfuscation / stealth

When using a VPN, it is impossible for your ISP to detect the websites you visit. Indeed, all your traffic is encrypted securely. However, this encrypted traffic still has to pass through your ISP's servers – which means they will see that something is going on and might understand that a VPN is in use.

VPN obfuscation is a feature that disguises VPN encrypted traffic as normal HTTPS traffic. This makes it much more difficult for a VPN to detect VPN usage, which means that you are less likely to get attention.

Due to the strict laws that the government enforces in Kuwait, we recommend that you always use obfuscation when using a VPN there. This greatly reduces the chances that your ISP or government will start asking questions such as: why are you using a VPN?

For this to be credible, it is also necessary that your browsing history corroborates your claims. It is wise to always use private browsing mode when accessing illegal content. At any other time, you can navigate normally, if you wish.


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