5 Best Free Cloud Storage

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It is certainly a good idea to back up your data. While it's always prudent to have a backup on a physical external hard drive, cloud computing has made it incredibly simple to store backups of data online. Free cloud backup services are limited in the space they provide to users, however, if you don't have a lot of data to back up or if you only need to back up critical data, free online backups are excellent. The free online backup services listed in this article are recognized not only for the overall quality of their offerings, but also for the security features they provide to protect the privacy of your data.

It is important to note that some of the most popular free online backup services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are not included in this list, due to historical concerns about privacy. After all, entrusting your backups of sensitive data to organizations with questionable privacy practices involves certain innate risks. If protecting the confidentiality of your data is important to you, it is best to use an online backup service that works well and takes the necessary measures to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your data.

5 best free cloud storage services

Below is a detailed list detailing each of the top five free online backup services on the market today. Each service offers great features, and each indeed goes the extra mile to provide excellent security features to protect your data.

1. Syncthing

Syncthing is free, simple to use and works on all major devices

Syncthing is a secure continuous file synchronization program that makes it easy to synchronize files between two or more devices securely. The unique aspect of Syncthing compared to the other services on this list is the fact that you, as a user, provide the hardware on which the backup is stored. This means that the backup can be stored on a separate computer, hard drive, virtual machine or any other applicable device of your choice. This in itself enhances the overall security of the service as you have full control over where your data backup is stored and no third party hosting service is involved in storing your data.

Additional security features include end-to-end encryption, perfect forward privacy, as well as authentication based on a TLS certificate. On top of that, Syncthing strives to be completely transparent and is fully open source, which means that anyone can freely review their source code. In addition, the service is also a supporter of open development in which all bugs and problems with the software are clearly and immediately documented on its “problem tracker” page for anyone to see. This transparency proves that Syncthing strives to be open and responsible towards its users to protect their privacy while facilitating the continuous synchronization of their data backups.

Syncthing is also very easy to use and is available on all major operating systems as well as mobile compatibility with Android systems. The best part of it all is that it is completely free! Although if you feel generous, you can safely donate to the cause on the Syncthing website.

2. I drive

IDrive is a great option for NAS users with robust privacy and security offerings

IDrive offers a complete and free cloud backup service. The free “Basic” plan, you get a generous 5 GB of storage space and also get account credits for referring the service to friends. One of the advantages of IDrive is that it allows you to back up an unlimited number of devices with a single account, while many other services charge for each device. In addition, the File Sync function allows you to automatically synchronize all your files and folders, and with the Snapshot and Versioning functions, you can also store up to 30 previous versions of your data.

IDrive is also very secure, storing and transferring all your files with 256-bit AES encryption, and allowing you as a user to set the encryption key. This ensures that the key is not stored anywhere on IDrive servers, which means that you will only have access to the key and, therefore, to your data. It is important to note here that this also means that you will be responsible for protecting your private encryption key and that you will not be able to restore the data backed up to IDrive in the event of loss.

The service is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. In addition to this, IDrive is also ideal for NAS users. Overall, IDrive works very well, offers robust privacy and security features, provides excellent customer support, and is quite generous with its free 5 GB offering.

3. Nextcloud

Nextcloud can be as simple or customizable as you want

Nextcloud is a free open-source cloud backup tool that provides users with hosted and self-hosted options. This means that you can store your data backups on one of your own devices, on a virtual machine, in a data center or at a supplier provided by Nextcloud. If you decide to use the self-hosting option, Nextcloud even offers helpful tips and recommendations on how to run your self-hosted server securely with the service.

In addition to offering useful features such as file version to save multiple previous versions of your data, easy file sharing capabilities, streaming media files and automatic photo syncing from mobile devices, Nextcloud provides users great security and privacy features. Nextcloud uses TLS encryption to secure data during transit, and at rest can be secured via 256-bit AES encryption. Files and folders can also be synchronized between devices and secured via end-to-end encryption, enabling a true zero knowledge solution. The service also allows easy integration with existing security tools. Other notable security features include two-factor authentication, customizable privacy protections for secure file sharing, and a private cloud security analysis tool to allow you to verify the security of your private server.

Nextcloud is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and offers mobile applications for Android and iOS. A web portal is also available. Depending on the hosting option you choose, Nextcloud can be extremely simple to use or can be a little more advanced if you opt for self-hosting. In this case, however, the advice and recommendations offered by Nextcloud can be very useful. Overall, Nextcloud is a great free online backup tool with a strong focus on user safety.

4. Sync.com

Sync.com is a great choice for anyone looking for high user security

Sync.com is a complete online data backup and synchronization service based outside of Canada. The “Sync Starter” plan is available free of charge, allows up to 5 GB of storage spaceand never expires. With the startup plan, your data transfer is limited, but you only have access to basic sharing and collaboration features. Despite this, Sync.com is a great free online backup tool due to its great features and rich feature offering, and in large part because it offers the same robust privacy and security features to free users as ‘to paying users. .

Sync.com is a zero-knowledge online data backup service that provides end-to-end encryption, which means the service has no way of accessing your data. All your data is secured with RSA 2048 bit encryption, SSL / TLS. Additional security features include password-protected file sharing, two-factor authentication, and a remote device lockout feature. In addition to that, Sync.com offers data versioning capabilities for up to 30 days with the free plan, allowing you to restore old versions of your data.

In addition to several security and privacy features, Sync.com offers a multitude of other remarkable features that also help make it an exceptional free service. First of all, the service is incredibly simple to use but certainly does not lack functionality, making it a great choice for newcomers as well as advanced users. Synchronization and cross-platform backups work like a charm, are completely transparent and happen in real time. In addition, you can synchronize your data only to the cloud with the “Sync Vault” function. This allows you to store data entirely online and save valuable space on your devices' hard drives. In addition, on mobile, you can choose to automatically upload photos and videos to the cloud.

Sync.com online backup service is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Unfortunately, there is no Linux compatibility at the moment, but a web portal is available. However, we fully recommend Sync.com as a great free online backup service that really puts user data security first.

5. Jottacloud

Jottacloud puts user privacy first – worth checking

Jottacloud is a Norwegian online backup service that offers a complete free plan that allows up to 5 GB of data storage. Norwegian jurisdiction is great for privacy, as the country is known for some of the most privacy-friendly laws in the world. The great thing about Jottacloud is that the service does not skimp on security and privacy, and offers the same security features for free accounts as for paid subscriptions.

As for technical security, your data is secure in transit and at rest via 256-bit AES encryption. Additional security features include two-factor authentication, the ability to revoke specific browser sessions and / or device access to your account, and the ability to view your connection history and a list of devices with access to your account. Beyond that, Jottacloud is also fully GDPR compliant and is fully dedicated to maintaining the privacy of its users.

Jottacloud also offers a variety of other great features to complement your data backup needs. For example, the service is one of the best for photo backups, sharing, organizing and viewing. In addition, Jottacloud is capable of storing almost any type of file, giving you the freedom to store all kinds of media without restrictions. Other notable features include file version, offline access, command line tool, document scanning, document sharing and collaboration capabilities, as well as a recovery feature that allows you to recover files that you accidentally dropped into the trash for up to thirty days.

Jottacloud is compatible on the desktop for Windows and Mac, and on mobile for Android and iOS. The command line tool works with Windows, Mac and Linux. The apps are intuitive and easy to use, and offer fantastic functionality even for free subscribers. All of this, along with the company's strong commitment to user privacy, makes Jottacloud a great choice for anyone looking for a free online backup service.

Why use a free cloud backup service

Whether you want to back up photos, videos, music, audio recordings, written documents, medical records, emails or any other medium, the sheer volume of valuable data that we store on our computers and devices is undoubtedly immense. The loss of all this data can obviously be devastating. This is precisely why backing up your vital data to various locations is crucial. If your computer or device crashes for any reason and makes your data unrecoverable, if you accidentally wipe your hard drive, if your data is erased by a malicious cyber attack, or if your device is lost or stolen, it is vitally important to have multiple backups of your data so that it is not lost for good.

There are various services available online that allow you to back up your data from your devices to the cloud, with different capacities and feature offerings. Indeed, it can be difficult to choose the best for your personal needs, which is why we have listed the 5 best in this article.

Final thoughts

Staying dry and dry after data loss can be one of the most frustrating and terrible feelings in the world. Even if there is a way to recover your lost data, data recovery is never a cheap business and full data recovery can never be guaranteed. This is why it is essential to have a backup plan … literally. Each of the free online backup services listed in this article is fully capable of backing up your precious data securely, and better yet, at no cost to you. The best time to act and back up your data right now is, you just can't afford to risk losing your data permanently. Do yourself a favor and start with one of the pending options listed above.


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