10 Best Cheap VPNs 2020 (from $ 0.99 / Month)


You know that some of the highest performing VPNs in the industry are cheap VPNs you can find. And some of the high-priced VPN services turn out to be of inferior quality.

All of the VPN reviews we've covered over the years suggest that there is no real correlation between the price and quality of service of a VPN.

The point is, if you had to choose between a good cheap or “free” VPN, it's a much safer bet if you go for the first one because the free options are fraught with privacy issues.

10 cheapest VPN services you should consider in 2020

However, none of these issues are present in the best affordable VPNs we've selected for this article:

A detailed summary of the 10 best cheap VPNs

Here you can find a detailed list of the top 10 cheap VPNs that are evaluated based on prices, registration policy, a network of servers, simultaneous connection (Netflix and Torrenting).

1. Ivacy: The Best Value VPN

2 year planNOW 88% OFF $ 1.16 / month
ServersMore than 1,000 servers in more than 100 countries
Multilogins5 5
Registration policyNo records

Ivacy is known as the best value VPN on the market due to its great overall performance. For only $ 2.25 / per month, you will get a 2-year subscription with a 30 days money back guarantee.

The VPN works with a network of 1,000+ servers That allows users to access popular streaming channels like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus.

In terms of privacy, Ivacy guarantees the no registration policy and guarantees user privacy with features like the power switch and IP leak protection. Altogether, Ivacy is a valuable option for general use.

Ivacy with extremely valuable plans

Read the Ivacy review and explore more about the provider.

Up to 88% discounts sitewide.
Up to 88% discounts sitewide. Show Less

2. PureVPN – The cheapest VPN

PureVPN is the most reliable but cheapest VPN in the industry. The provider offers 82% special discount on your 1 year subscription it costs $ 1.99 / month with a 31-day money back guarantee.

Also, you can have a grid of 2,000+ servers that reaches more than More than 140 countries. Additionally, PureVPN enables its users to unlock Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other channels on demand efficiently.

Payment options cover the full range of credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, CoinPayments, Paymentwall, which is convenient for users. In summary, this is a pretty impressive list of features for a provider of this quality.


Read the PureVPN review and explore more about the provider.

Start Risk-Free Only $0.99
Start Risk-Free Only $0.99
7-Day Trial only $0.99
7-Day Trial only $0.99 Show Less
31 days money back guarantee

3. Surfshark: a low-priced underrated VPN

2 year plan$ 1.99 / month
Servers1,040+, 61+ countries
Registration policyNo records

Surfshark is a newcomer, but it ranks among low-priced VPNs, which even unlocks Netflix. To get the most value, you can choose your 2-year subscription that only costs $ 1.99 / per month.

For the low price, you get access to more than 1,040+ servers in 61+ countries, Dedicated IP, obfuscation technology and unlimited simultaneous connections.

Most importantly, Surfshark has a verified no-record policy (audited by Cure53). So you can feel confident that despite paying less, you take full advantage of online security.

surfshark plans with low prices

Read the Surfshark review and explore more about the provider.

Get Surfshark

4. NordVPN – A good cheap VPN

3 year plan$ 3.49 / month
ServersMore than 5,000 servers, 58 countries
Multilogins6 6
Registration policyNo records

NordVPN is recognized as a good cheap VPN available on the market. Its current price is $ 3.49 / month for 3-year subscription with a 30-day money back guarantee..

In addition, the provider owns the largest networks of More than 5,000 servers in 59+ countries. This authorizes NordVPN users to stream Netflix and other channels (VOD) from different regions of the world.

For added privacy, NordVPN includes a multi-hop feature, which routes your data through encrypted servers and protects activities. Although the VPN is somewhat expensive compared to others.


Read the NordVPN review and explore more about the provider.

Best Offer 70% Discount
Best Offer 70% Discount
Get an 70% discount now.
Get an 70% discount now. Show Less

5. CyberGhost: fast and cheap VPN

3 year plan$ 2.75 / month
ServersMore than 5,600 servers in more than 90 countries
Multilogins7 7
Registration policyNo records

CyberGhost easily qualifies as one of the best budget VPNs you can have. Possesses decent versatile capabilities for just $ 2.75 / month if you choose the 3-year subscription.

At this low price, you can have More than 5,600 servers locations (including dedicated for streaming) in 80+ countries, P2P enabled with 7 simultaneous connections.

Also, CyberGhost does not believe in monitoring and keeping records of its online activities, this makes the provider a strong contestant for privacy seekers.

cyberghost subscription plan with budget friendly

Read the CyberGhost review and explore more about the provider.

6. VPNArea: a reliable but inexpensive VPN

3 year plan$ 2.99 / month
Servers200 servers, 65 countries
Multilogins6 6
Registration policyNo records

VPNArea is a lesser known but inexpensive VPN that works extremely fast. The price of VPNArea costs $ 2.99 / month for a period of 3 years with a 30 days money back guarantee.

At this affordable price, you get almost 200 servers in 65 countries, license to evade robust and restricted IP leakage protection of the channel with 6 simultaneous connections.

Also, it does not keep records that rule out the possibility of accidental disclosure. This means that in the event of any surveillance action, your identity will be secure. Overall, it is an optimal solution for online freedom.


Read the VPNArea review and explore more about the provider.

7. Trust.Zone: a cheap and dirty VPN provider

2 year plan$ 2.88 / month
Servers159 servers in 89 locations
Multilogins5 5
Registration policyNo records

Trust.Zone is a very cheap VPN service considering that you can buy it for only $ 2.88 / month, absolutely 58% discount along with a 10 day money back guarantee.

At this price, it offers a modest network of servers in 165 locations in 85+ countriesIt bypasses geo-restricted channel libraries, including (Netflix and other VoD services) in a simple way.

Other than that, Trust.Zone uses AES-256 encryption and a compact, privacy-oriented registration policy to ensure users stay safe from online exposure and information leaks.


Read the Trust Zone review and explore more about the provider.

8. GooseVPN: a pocket VPN

2 year plan$ 2.99 / month
Servers114 servers, 27 countries
Registration policyNo records

GooseVPN is another quality service that offers impressive features while being easy on the pocket. You can buy her 2 year plan which is in a 77% discount and that does it for only $ 2.99 per month.

It is based in the Netherlands, one of the most privacy-friendly countries in the world, and has servers at 26 different locations What are they optimized for P2P and streaming activities.

The provider uses AES-256 encryption and is equipped with features like a power off switch, as it protects data from leaks to prying eyes. Users can increase their privacy and neutralize the risk of surveillance.


Read the GooseVPN review and explore more about the provider.

9. FrootVPN: a secure and cheap VPN

1 year plan$ 2.99 / month
Servers45 servers, 35 countries
Multilogins5 5
Registration policyNo records

FrootVPN is another cheap and secure VPN with a decent reputation among users. The provider offers a 40% discount on their 1-year subscription plan and only for $ 2.99 / month, which makes it quite prominent.

In addition, the VPN service is equipped with 45 servers in 35 countries They offer moderate speeds, adequate enough for activities like file streaming and downloading.

In terms of registration policy, FrootVPN respects a user's privacy right and refrains from data retention. So if you need a profitable VPN that meets all your needs, this is a good option to consider.


Read the FrootVPN review and explore more about the provider.

10. Private Internet Acces: Good Priced, Good VPN

PIA is a popular and reasonably priced VPN trusted by thousands of loyal customers. The PIA price is $ 3.33 / month for a 1-year subscription with absolute risk 30-day money back guarantee..

PIA has a strong network of over 3,334 servers in 30 countries, all of which are bare metal and therefore capable of providing an anonymous network at high speeds.

On the security front, PIA is equipped with a kill switch and a built-in ad blocker called MACE. These are value-added features for having a relatively low-priced VPN compared to other providers.


Read the Private Internet Access review and explore more about the provider.

From only €2.66 per month
From only €2.66 per month Show Less

A video explanation of cheap VPNs

Get the most reliable
31 days money back guarantee

The cheapest VPN for Firestick

Firestick users have several good options available when it comes to VPN. But if you're looking for a cheap but high-performance VPN, look no further than Surfshark.

The Surfshark app can be installed directly from the Amazon app store like any other popular Firestick app. The VPN serves users who want to unblock streaming services, as well as users with privacy needs.

For the very cheap cost of $ 1.99 / mo, features like MultiHop and WhiteLister to keep your privacy strong in Firestick, while the over 1,040 server network is quite effective in dealing with geographic restrictions on Firestick app streaming.

Overall, Surfshark is a very impressive VPN app for Firestick that is available for quite a cheap price.

Get Surfshark

The best cheap VPN that allows Netflix streaming

The ability to unblock Netflix is ​​becoming increasingly difficult for VPN services to maintain. In fact, even the expensive ones can't guarantee functionality with Netflix, not to mention the cheap ones.

However, it is fortunate that PureVPN is still perfectly capable of streaming US Netflix. USA It offers a dedicated streaming mode where you can choose the “Netflix US” option that will allow you to instantly bypass restrictions on American Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Considering it only costs $ 2.91 / mo, PureVPN is a great option for users looking for a cheap solution to unlock Netflix.


Start Risk-Free Only $0.99
Start Risk-Free Only $0.99
7-Day Trial only $0.99
7-Day Trial only $0.99 Show Less

The cheapest VPN for torrents

Torrenting is a sensitive activity that requires robust security along with fast speed. It's hard to find a VPN that can meet these two requirements at a low price, but PureVPN is a notable exception in this case.

With PureVPN, you get zero logging policy, strong AES-256 encryption, IP / DNS leak protection, and split tunnel for a secure waterproof torrent experience with reasonably impressive speeds. In short, you have everything you need to download torrents with a high degree of security.

Priced at $ 2.91 / per month, it would be difficult to find a better option to download torrents safely.

Get Surfshark

Cheap VPN vs. Free VPN

The price of VPN services is one of the most important factors that affect a user's purchase decision. In general, a good VPN will cost you anywhere within the range of $ 3 / month to $ 15 / month.

However, free trials are quite common, but essential features are locked in free trials and you can't get full access without paying the amount.

So what should you choose if you had to choose between a free trial or the best cheap VPN?

The answer is simple. You should go for the best cheap VPN because free trials always have some limitations that ruin your internet experience.

Disadvantages of the “free” VPN

These are some of the most common limitations of the free version:

  • Lack of privacy – They store user records and sell them to third parties. This results in an invasion of user privacy, which is the first thing a VPN is supposed to protect.
  • Bandwidth limits – Free VPN restricts bandwidth that makes users unable to perform an activity of more than a few hours. This means that you cannot trust them for streaming and downloading.
  • Slower speeds – Since free providers only allocate small resources for a large number of customers, they usually slow down your Internet.
  • Small server network – Most of these free VPNs can only support limited tasks, making them ineffective for unblocking websites and also leading to data leakage.
  • P2P restrictions – Torrents are generally restricted in free services due to the lack of resources necessary to support high-speed p2p activity.

Factors that can help you select a cheap VPN

Here is a quick list of factors that can help you determine if a cheap VPN is best for Netflix, online privacy, and other purposes.

  • Value on money – The price of a VPN compared to its overall performance, including its privacy features.
  • Performance / speed – The measured download and upload speed of a VPN through speedtest.net.
  • Bypass unlocking / restriction – If the VPN is good for Netflix and other VoD channels.
  • Server network – The number of active servers in a VPN service worldwide.
  • Anonymity – A VPN provider must support activities like torrenting and P2P with 256 bit encryption.
  • Multiple connections – The number of devices that can connect to a VPN at the same time.

The cheapest VPN providers: frequently asked questions

How much should a VPN cost?

On average, a great cheap VPN costs $ 3 / month. However, PureVPN, Surfshark, and Ivacy are the only exceptions; These VPNs offer superior performance and cost even less $ 2 / month. At the same time, there are some VPNs like ExpressVPN, which cost more than $ 6 / month.

Best Offer Discount
Best Offer Discount
Up to discounts sitewide on ExpressVPN
Up to discounts sitewide on ExpressVPN Show Less

What is the cheapest VPN?

PureVPN is the cheapest VPN service, offering a 1-year subscription for just $ 1.99 / mo. At this low price, the provider has everything you can ask for from a high-performance VPN, including compatibility with popular VoD services and tight online privacy.

Start Risk-Free Only $0.99
Start Risk-Free Only $0.99
7-Day Trial only $0.99
7-Day Trial only $0.99 Show Less

What is the best VPN value?

PureVPN is one of the best value VPNs closely followed by Surfshark. With great privacy-focused features and unlockability, it costs $ 1.99 / mo. If you opt for the 2-year plan, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are cheap VPNs safe to use?

Some low-cost VPNs may not be secure because they negotiate with the user's privacy only to reduce their cost. However, the top 10 cheap VPNs in the list above are all proven and have built a reputation over the years for their reliability.

What cheap VPN works in China?

Ivacy is one of the underrated affordable VPNs that still work in China. The provider has a specialized service for Chinese users called “IvacyPrime” that helps remove censorship from social media and other websites in China.

What are renewal prices?

The price of most VPN services changes several times over the years. Some providers reviewed their prices when you renew your subscription, while others will always charge the same. To ensure that if a provider applies renewal prices, you should always consult their Terms of Service.

Final verdict

I want this guide to help you find the best cheap VPN that has multiple strengths – including Netflix, Torrenting, and raising the privacy level of online threats.

However, based on the test results, I would recommend PureVPN due to its overall performance at a price of ($ 1.99 / mo) which I think is quite reasonable.

Start Risk-Free Only $0.99
Start Risk-Free Only $0.99
7-Day Trial only $0.99
7-Day Trial only $0.99 Show Less
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